Sand sculptures to be exhibited at Chindwin water festival

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Students making sand sculptures for the Chindwin water festival. Photo: Win Oo (Zayyardine)

University students from Mandalay and Yangon began making sand sculptures on 31 March for the Chindwin water festival, which is scheduled to be held in Monywa Township, Sagaing Region. This will be the second time their sand sculptures will be exhibited at the festival.
“Last year, we learnt how to make sand sculptures from foreign sculptors. This year, we will make the sand sculptures ourselves, using the skills we learnt from local and foreign sculptors. We are planning to make mermaids, children’s faces, cartoons, castles, a Myanmar woman’s face, and family pictures, which will be nine feet high. Last year, we created ten sand sculptures. Among them, three sand sculptures were created by local sculptors from Monywa, while one was created by a foreign sculptor,” said Ko Phyo Wa, a final year student at the University of Arts and Culture (Mandalay).
The student said the sculptures are made with sand and clay. “We mix sand and clay in a bucket, and then we pour water on it, and leave it overnight. We take out the mixture block the next day, and make the sculpture with it. We spray liquid glue on the completed sculpture to help it withstand wind and rain,” he said.
The sand sculptures will be exhibited at the second Chindwin water festival with the aim of promoting tourism in Sagaing Region. This year, the sand sculptures are being created by 20 students and eight teachers from the Universities of Art and Culture (Mandalay and Yangon).

—Win Oo (Zeyartine)

(Translated by Hay Mar)

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