Save the planet Earth to stay away from air pollution

Nowadays, industries, as well as living standard of the people, are improving more and more, air pollution is worsening and worsening due to the emission of carbon dioxide from industries and factories and vehicles in addition to landfills whereas areas of forests which purify the atmosphere are lesser and lesser.
Such a problem is a very important topic among other topics to be solved urgently across the world. Ozone gas, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitro dioxide may cause the increasing rate of air pollution. Human beings well as various animals breathe polluted air into the lungs unavoidably and suffer from toxic problems in the inner organs of the body.
Such toxicity may cause various dangerous health problems such as respiratory diseases, cardiac and cardiovascular diseases, neuro and psychological diseases, eye and skin diseases as well as asthma and lung cancer.
In fact, air pollution may cause impacts the natural environment and bring disadvantages of underground water and fertile soils to society. It may dip the growth rate of trees as well as the reproduction rates of biodiversity. Moreover, air pollution may cause changes in temperature as well as greenhouse effects which may worsen changes in the natural environment and ecosystem which controls the natural living of fauna and flora.
Even in a house, using firewood and charcoal in cooking inside a home in a rural area, using mosquito coils and joss sticks in houses and smoking cigarettes and cheroots may happen home air pollution. On the other hand, air pollution affects the depletion of forests and trees.
As such, all global people should reduce the emission of carbon dioxide from industries and factories as well as various types of vehicles to cut air pollution. Likewise, people from both rural and urban areas are to reduce the use of firewood and charcoal.
At the same time, global people are to nurture trees and forests to green the world. They have to save the natural environment for avoiding environmental degradation. So also, they have to seek renewable energy for society to cut the emission of carbon dioxide as well as other dangerous gases which hamper the health conditions of human beings and the sustainability of the natural environment.
That is why all global people regardless of race and country are responsible for improving the planet Earth better and better with a lesser volume of air pollution in the atmosphere. As a result, all global people will have improved health conditions and higher living standards for years.


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