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  • By Maung Thitsa (Yankin)
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SC Auto (Myanmar) Co., Ltd introduced its three SC NEUSTAR brand buses at the opening ceremony of the auto company’s assembling plant at Yangon Industrial Zone in Mingaladon Township, Yangon on 28 May 2009. The factory has already started its work of car assembling and maintenance with cent per cent Singaporean investment.
Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman of Myanmar Investment Commission U Thaung Tun welcomed the involvement of high-tech foreign industries in Myanmar. “The Commission has issued the permit for the car assembling company under the Semi Knocked-Down (SKD) system and is encouraging the company to produce cars under Complete Knocked–Down (CKD) system soon,” he said.
“The development of high-tech foreign partnerships will serve as a boaster for local SMEs and supporting industries,” he noted. The MIC Chair expressed pleasure and honour in witnessing the production of European standard SC NEUSTAR cars in Myanmar. He also lauded the SC Auto (Myanmar) Co., Ltd as the company will become the first automaker distributing “Made in Myanmar” SC NEUSTAR buses locally and internationally.
Also speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister of Yangon Region U Pyo Min Thein expressed pleasure and honour for witnessing the production of European standard cars for the local market as well as markets in Asia and Europe. Ambassador of Singapore to Myanmar H.E Ms. Vanessa Chan also attended the ceremony. Managing Director of the company Ms. Rachel Lee explained points of the factory and future programs. About 370 investors, entrepreneurs and auto distributers were also present.

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SC Auto (Myanmar) Co., Ltd began its journey into Myanmar when the MIC issued the permit in 2015. Its assembling plant in Myanmar, the SC Auto (Myanmar) factory, is receiving raw materials and technology from EU countries. It is running with 100 employees – 80 production staffs and 20 office and marketing staffs. It produced three buses in May 2009.
Auto-assembling technicians of Singapore and Myanmar employees who have at least ten years of work experience in the Island nation are running the factory. As Myanmar employees are working at various levels of positions, the factory is generating high-tech jobs for the local people.
SC Auto (Myanmar) factory meets the standard of its Singaporean counterpart, SC Auto (Singapore). The SC Auto (Myanmar) factory is assembling cars with latest computer-guided technology including 2D laser molders and cutters, automatic wire cutters and testers, bus testers, car spraying and painting workshops, and spare parts production lines.
The buses are durable as the factory is using high tensile strength stainless steel, it imports from Finland, in assembling cars. Moreover, the factory has the advantages in safety and quality as it holds the certificates recommending that its products meet the European standard.
The entering of responsible investors like the SC Auto produces mutual benefits as their investments generate job opportunities for Myanmar workers and increase the number of Myanmar technicians and their qualifications, while they themselves can cheap labour, Myanmar hospitality and the opportunities enshrined in the ASEAN investment agreement.
According to what Managing Director Ms. Rachel Lee has explained in her speech at the ceremony, an international investment project in Myanmar serves as a bold new step towards penetrating the global market deeper as the country offers all those benefits and advantages.
SC Auto is the first to produce buses that are suitable for the climate and roads of Myanmar. Under its future programs, the factory will assign more employees and assemble up to 100 55-Seater SC Auto Brand Bus/Coaches. Due to the improving work proficiency of Myanmar workers and their ability to operate high-tech machines and their enthusiasm, the factory will hire over 400 more Myanmar workers in a four-year period for a gradual increase in it production capacity. In this way, the factory will prove that it is making a responsible investment.
The Myanmar Investment Commission is inviting more responsible investments under the current government in office, and foreign investors, including automakers are showing greater interest in it. The arrival of Quality Investment and the renowned companies like the SC Auto in the country opens more ground for manufacturing car parts locally, with the involvement of small and medium industries of the country.
We must underpin the SC Auto (Myanmar) factory as it will apply the Complete Knocked–Down (CKD) system in the future for the progress of local supporting industries. Moreover, it will be the first enterprise to produce European standard SC NEUSTAR buses in Myanmar for European and Asian markets and local use.
It will also serves as an import-substitute industry, providing advanced buses for the local market. In this way, the investment of the SC Auto will ensure long-term benefits for the country. So, let’s all welcome the “Made in Myanmar” SC NEUSTAR buses.
(Translation: TMT)

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