Scenery of ice caps strikes mountains to north and west of PutaO

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A general view of the ice-capped mountains in PutaO. Photo: Phone Kan (PutaO)

Splendid white ice caps were able to be seen in the northern and western mountains of the northernmost city of Myanmar, PutaO, starting on 6 January.
These gigantic mountains fill their majority with snowy white ice between December and April. Ice caps turn into liquid in rainy seasons, creating an excavation site for residents to seek natural medicinal herbs — Cordyceps, Fritillaria cirrhosa and Coptis teeta.
Enormous mountains serve as a lush green forest in the rainy season and evolve into a milky white range of hills in the winter and summer seasons, benefiting the PutaO regional tourism. — Phone Kan (PutaO)/CT

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