School enrolment week for 2018-2019 Academic Year launches nationwide

Ma Phue Pyae Ko, Grade 8, B.E.H.S (1), Dagon
Ma Phue Pyae Ko, Grade 8, B.E.H.S (1), Dagon

By Ye Ye Myint, Ohnmar Thant

The motto for the school enrolment week is “Every School-Age Children Should Enroll and All Should Cooperate in Ending Dropouts.”
School enrollment week for the 2018-2019 academic year launched nationwide on 25 May, and all students were provided with a set of text books, six exercise books and a school uniform free of charge, and compulsory primary education without any form of payment.
Authorities have urged the parents to send their school-age children to schools because the schools are accepting enrollment of children through 31st May.
As for the Ministry of Education, preparations have been made for the students including kindergarten classes, to enroll for the new academic years. Starting from the primary level, a KG+12 System was implemented.
For the academic year 2018-2019, all five years old children are attending KG and all six years old children are attending Grade-1.
Daw Myint Myint Thein, Headmistress of B.E.H.S 4, Pazundaung
Our school has made an arrangement to provide clean environment, purified drinking water for the school children, and to maintain a clean and tidy classroom besides providing school text books free of charge. As for the kindergarten and primary school children, we will provide books and a pair of school uniform for each student. Moreover we will introduce a new curriculum for Grade 2, and cooperation is needed to change the education system for the better.

Daw Myint Myint Win, Primary Teacher of B.E.H.S 4, Pazundaung
There are a total of 10 subjects for Grade – 2 in this year. The school children can take part in discussions, and can learn arts and paintings with their groups. From academic year 2018-2019, all five years old children are attending KG and all six years old children are attending Grade-1. The school children can learn new courses. I am sure the new teaching method will be effective and can enhance their education.
U Aung Ko Nyunt, father of school children
My son and daughter are going to B.E.H.S (10), Dagon in Yangon. I am coming here to enroll for my children. The teachers help me with everything and provide text books. Also we don’t need to pay school admission fees this year. That’s why my children can study their lessons without any difficulty.

Ma Phue Pyae Ko, Grade 9, B.E.H.S (1), Dagon
I have come here for my school enrolment. The teachers help me with everything we need as much as they can. There is no school admission fee and I am very happy to meet with my classmates.

Daw Thae Mon, mother of school children
My children are studying in the Grade-2 and Grade -4 in B.E.H.S (4), Dagon. The school provides us with text books and school uniforms free of charge. I think that education should bring about all-round development for the children.

Maung Aung Khant Min, Grade -10 student, B.E.H.S (4), Pazundaung
All the teachers in my school help me everything I need for my school enrolment. Moreover they teach us general knowledge with great care.

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