Schools reopen in Maungtaw, Buthidaung as stability returns

Students from IDP camps sitting for the first half-year examination at Satyonesu Ward Sub-Basic Education High School. Photo : Nay Lin

Schools temporarily closed in Maungtaw and Buthidaung townships after ARSA extremist terrorist attacks have now reopened as peace and stability return to the region.
Yesterday, students could be seen attending school and resuming their normal routines, according to the head of state education department in Sittway.
“In Maungtaw, primary, middle and high schools were reopened. In Buthidaung too, up to 21 schools were reopened. Teachers have also returned to schools and are teaching the students”, said U Aung Kyaw Tun head of the state education department.
A high school headmaster said academic life has been fully restored in Maungtaw.
“School was reopened on 19 September, but some students were unable to attend. All teachers are present”, said U Aung Myint Thein, headmaster of No. 1 Basic Education High School in Maungtaw Township.
According to the office of the head of the Rakhine State Education Department, schools in Maungtaw and Buthidaung towns were reopened, but schools in villages were not yet opened due to security situations.
“Opening of schools in rural areas of Maungtaw and Buthidaung townships depend on security. Schools in ethnic villages are safe and secure, but we need to think about schools in Bengali villages. If the administrative side considers it safe, these schools will reopen. Teachers are ready”, said U Aung Kyaw Tun.
According to the Rakhine State Education Department, about 3,000 students who fled from Maungtaw and Buthidaung towns to Sittway after ARSA extremist terrorist attacks were attending schools in Sittway so that there would be no gap in their education.
“There are students from kindergarten to matriculation class from relief camps attending this school. Books and stationery were provided to them free and they were attending class together with students from this school.

There were quite a number of them when the terrorist attacks started, but as peace returns to the region, some already went back and only a few remains in this school”, said deputy headmaster U Than Myint of the Satyonesu Ward Sub-Basic Education High School, Sittway.
Tenth-grader Maung Kyaw Naing fled to the Sittway  relief camp with his family from Maungtaw township when  terrorist attacks occurred
on 25 August and looks  forward to returning to his hometown. “Due to the terrorist attacks, I fled from the village with my family to Sittway.
We are currently staying in the relief camp and I am attending Satyonesu Ward Sub-Basic Education High School. Once our region is peaceful, I will return to the village with my family. I’ll attend school in the village”, Maung Kyaw Naing said.
It is learnt from the office of the head of the state education department in Sittway that when schools closed due to terrorist attacks are
reopened, overtime classes will be organised in order to make up for any lost teaching periods.


Min Thit (MNA)

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