Scouting that serves the interests of human society

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  • Scouts associations were first established in England in 1916 for nurturing youths and improving their moral conduct. Myanmar formed a girl scout association in 1916, and then set up different levels of scout associations in 1920.
    The oath taken by scouts is: I shall do my best to do my duty to my religion and my country; I shall help other people at all times; and I shall uphold the ten points of the Scout Law.
    The ten points of the Scout Law are: A scout’s honour is to be trusted; a scout is loyal; a scout is helpful; a scout is a friend to all; a scout is courteous; a scout is a friend to animals; a scout obeys orders; a scout smiles and remains cheerful under all circumstances; a scout is thrifty; and, a scout is clean in thought, word, and deed.
    “The ethics of scouts or guides benefit us as well as our neighbourhood. We all must follow them. If we stick to these norms and standards even after we are no longer a scout or guide, it will benefit not only our country but the whole of mankind,” said State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi at the swearing-in ceremony as the Head of the Myanmar Scout Federation, held at the Yangon University Diamond Jubilee Hall recently.
    Scouting is an activity that helps systematically groom boys and girls since their childhood days so they become brilliant persons when they grow up. Scouting is a noble youth activity that can improve the individual skills of youngsters and steer them towards serving the interests of the community, the country, and the whole of mankind.
    Besides, the lyrics of the scout song encourage youth to be of good character. The youth can take lessons from the song. The century-long survival of the organization is the result of this spirit.
    There had been a President Scouts’ Team in our younger days. In keeping with the esprit de corps, scouts never lose sight of the international scout movement.
    A scout remains a scout no matter his age. So, he will use his scouting skills to face and overcome all challenges and difficulties throughout his life. As scouting aims to make the world a better and pleasant place, in spirit and in practice, we hope that more youths in Myanmar join the scout movement.
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