Seafood turnover at Yangon’s Shwe Padauk fish market relatively high in Tazaungdine period

Sales of the seafood and fishery products from the Shwe Padauk fish market in Yangon Region are reportedly increasing during the Tazaungdine Festival than that of Thadingyut, according to the market development committee.

The rise in sales of fishes and seafood at Shwe Padauk fish market is accounted for alms-giving, donations and offerings during Tazaungdine Festival.
Shwe Padauk fish market from Hline Township, Yangon is circulating over 300,000 visses of both freshwater and saltwater seafood daily in this Tazaungdine festival period. There are two main fish markets in Yangon, known as Kyimyindine Baho Sanpya fish market and Shwe Padauk fish market distributing fishes, seafood and many aquatic products within Yangon Region and across the country on a daily basis. An average input of fishery products to those two markets per day is over 600,000 visses of which 400,000 visses goes to Shwe Padauk fish market and the remaining 200,000 visses goes to Baho Sanpya fish market.
U Shin Saw, chair of Shwe Padauk Fish Market Development Committee said, “Sales and purchases this month are said to be good. Domestic consumption is moving steadily and also fish prices are stable in the market. In fact, donations and alms-giving in this period drove more seafood distribution to PyinOoLwin, Mandalay, Pathein and cities and towns in the middle of the country. Government’s subsidies to the suppliers with low interest rates help them to have better businesses. We thank the relevant authorities for assisting us for ensuring a regular trade.”
There were only a few commodity depots in 2014-15 when Shwe Padauk fish market was freshly opened. At the time, fishery product trade was relatively declined. In 2017, Shwe Padauk became a key fish wholesales centre which mainly delivered the aquatic products to the whole country. Shwe Padauk is also the fish wholesales centre to which fishes from freshwater farming and saltwater farming from Yangon, Ayeyawady and Bago regions delivered.
Shwe Padauk fish market is observed to be crowded daily usually from 4 am to 6 am with aquatic product merchandizers from different townships of Yangon; and fish carrier boats from Ayeyawady and Bago regions. The market is open between 4 am to 6 pm daily. There are 380 stalls and 88 shops for vendors at the market.
The prices stand at K 26,000 per viss of two-tical sized prawn; K 30,000 per viss of four to six-tical sized prawn; K 50,000 per viss of ten-tical sized prawn; K 60,000 per viss of 15/20-tical sized prawn; K 6,300 per viss of Labeo Rohita; K 10,000 per viss of large gudgeon (one viss sized); K 5,000 per viss of river-catfish (three-viss sized); K 4,500 per viss of saltwater goldfish (one-viss sized); K 5,000 per viss of platu fish; K 4,500 per viss of star fish; K 4,500 per viss of hilsa shad; K 40,000 per viss of squid; K 20,000 per viss of cuttlefish; and K 30,000 per viss of cuttle-fish. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/TMT

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