Searching for innovative ways to create safe jobs amidst COVID-19 is a must


With the resumption of work in the construction sector, we must ensure a safe and controlled restart of work amidst COVID-19, as the Union Government discloses its plan to invite private investment into the real estate market. When it comes to allowing business sectors to resume, as part of efforts to turn the economic consequences into opportunities amidst COVID-19, the construction sector has been the first to be granted permission because it can ensure that work resumes smoothly and safely, in accordance with health guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports. The construction sector would create many job opportunities to informal workers who bear the brunt of the outbreak’s economic impact. A housing project with 5,072 apartments was launched on 171 acres in Dagon Myothit (South)’s Model Agriculture Special Zone yesterday. Similar projects will be implemented in Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay.
Hence, construction firms are required to make arrangements to reduce the risk of virus transmission between workers at different sites.
We must put the health safety measures in place first to help to ensure a safe and controlled restart of work. When we prepare to resume the construction sector, all stake holders must remain vigilant and aware of the global COVID-19 situation. Countries, including Myanmar, that are already struggling – with poverty, conflict, and natural disasters – are not out of the woods yet.
Those industries and businesses which most of our workers rely upon, including daily-waged workers, are being impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic. The economic consequences of this crisis are colossal and immensely painful, bringing job losses and disruptions at a moment that requires government intervention. After we have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, our people, especially low-income families living in cities are struggling to feed their families. We laud the housing projects as they will bring jobs to our workers in the informal sector during COVID-19 crisis.
The construction sector is the most important sector in providing jobs to workers in an environment safe from coronavirus infection. We would like to encourage the all stake holders to continue to support the housing construction industry which also plays an important role in solving the squatter problem which is growing day by day. Other remaining sectors are also advised to find new and innovative ways to help our people while protecting the health of the public and the employees.

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