Second Pyithu Hluttaw’s ninth regular session concludes

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Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker U T Khun Myat. Photo: MNA

The 19th-day meeting of the ninth regular session of the Second Pyithu Hluttaw was held at the Pyithu Hluttaw meeting hall of the Hluttaw Building in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday. At the meeting asterisk-marked questions were asked and answered, a report discussed and approved, and decision on a bill made. Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker delivered a concluding speech and announced the conclusion of Pyithu Hluttaw’s ninth regular session.

Asterisk-marked questions and answers
In the asterisk-marked questions and answers session, questions raised by Dr. U Khin Maung Maung of Dagon Myothit (North) constituency, Dr U Tun Lin Maw of Kyangin constituency, U Myint Oo of Thanatpin constituency, U Myo Nyunt of Homalin constituency, Daw Thandar of Einme constituency, U Maung Maung of Htigyaing constituency and U Chin Pe Lin of Mansi constituency were answered by Deputy Minister for Construction U Kyaw Lin and Deputy Minister for Education U Win Maw Tun.

Hluttaw discuss and approve a report
Next, Pyithu Hluttaw Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Committee report was discussed by U Myat Lay Oo of Htilin constituency, U Than Tun Myint of Kalewa constituency, U Win Thein Zaw of Salingyi constituency and U Myint Kyi of Katha constituency.
Pyithu Hluttaw Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Committee Chairman U Soe Thura Tun provided explanations to the discussions and committee secretary U Aye Naing tabled a motion to agree and accept the report.
Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker U T Khun Myat then obtained the Hluttaw’s agreement and acceptance of the report.

Hluttaw approves the second bill amending the Myanmar Pearl Law
Afterwards, Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker obtained the decision of the Hluttaw on the second bill amending the Myanmar Pearl Law, sent by Amyotha Hluttaw, and Hluttaw approved it.

Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker’s concluding speech
After this, Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker U T Khun Myat delivered a concluding speech. He said 19 days of meetings were held where 123 asterisk-marked questions and 214 non-asterisk marked questions were asked and answered, 11 motions were tabled of which six were approved and five were put on record. 28 bills were discussed and 10 bills were approved while 18 were still under consideration. During this session, annual reports of six Pyithu Hluttaw committees were approved and three Pyithu Hluttaw representatives were added as committee members.
Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker said there are many duties and responsibilities that still remain to be performed for the sake of the country and people, and all need to work together towards the development of the country. As enacted in the Constitution, the three powers of legislative, administrative and judicial are to be conducted separately, while mutual check and balances are conducted.
In the legislative sector, all need to be done according to enacted laws and rules. As per saying “No one is above the Law”, the Hluttaw representatives are required to follow the laws and rules in an exemplary manner. Hluttaw representatives are conducting Hluttaw works by converting the hardships and difficulties faced by the people into questions, motion and bills. All are urged to follow the Hluttaw rules and regulations and fulfill the expectations and wishes of the people. In doing this, it is to be noted that if laws approved and enacted by the Hluttaw does not protect the people, it will mean a deviation from the road towards democracy.
This needs to be avoided and laws that do not oppress and provide equal protection, regardless of race, sex, social and financial status are to be enacted. As Hluttaw representatives represent the legislative pillar, they should always be careful in their words and deeds and must be rationale, sensible and reasonable when dealing with people.
Works that benefit the people ought to be done enthusiastically. Whenever dangers or disasters occur in any part of the country, help and assistance need to be provided in the best possible way with full understanding towards the difficulties people are facing. As representatives of the people selected by the people, representatives must not lose sight of the true situation people are facing.
In order to work according to the motto of “People’s voice, Hluttaw’s voice”, all are urged to work together with Pyidaungsu (Union) spirit. While the Hluttaw is in recess, Hluttaw representatives are to go to the people and participate in the local development work. As Hluttaw representatives are implementing a democracy system, help the people towards establishing true democratic practices. Work for the good of the people as representatives trusted by the people. Explain widely to the people about your experience in the Hluttaw, said the Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker.
After his speech, Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker U T Khun Myat announced the successful conclusion of the Second Pyithu Hluttaw’s ninth regular session.


By Aye Aye Thant (MNA)

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