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Second Pyithu Hluttaw’s ninth regular session holds 15th-day meeting

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The 15th-day meeting of the ninth regular session of the Second Pyithu Hluttaw was held at the Pyithu Hluttaw meeting hall of the Hluttaw Building in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.
During the assembly, six questions concerning the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation were answered, a report submitted, a bill received reported, another bill put up for deliberation, and a motion discussed and asked for approval.
U Sein Han of Kanma constituency raised a question asking whether there are plans to conduct inspections on the state-run money lending business of the Kanma Township Cooperatives Society Ltd. on its renting of stores and houses that are not in line with enacted laws, and what actions will be taken against them.
Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation U Hla Kyaw replied that proper instructions have been given to all township departments of cooperatives to properly manage the rented spaces to ensure no illegal items or alcohol consumption is carried out in the premises. He said the Kanma Township department also acquires a signed agreement from the tenant to follow the law. He said that there are currently no cases of department of cooperatives property being mishandled, but added that perpetrators will have action taken against them in accord with the Cooperative Societies Law.

Tender processes follow President Office’s guidelines
Daw Nan Kham Aye of Namtu constituency raised a question asking what guidelines the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation follows when advertising tender offers, whether there are different guidelines for states and regions, and who is the authority that scrutinizes items from a successful tender and ensure they reach the designated location.
Deputy Minister U Hla Kyaw replied that the tender process follows the guidelines and instructions set by the Office of the President, which applies to all states and regions. He said that under the administration of the state and region government, the Tender Committee, The Floor Price Calculation Committee, Tender Accepting and Scrutinizing Committee, and the Quality Review Committee are formed to verify set standards in relevant businesses, specifying rules for the tender process, advertising in newspapers and media, inviting tender applicant companies and media to explain the rules before the tender deadline approaches, and scrutinizing the technological and quotation concept notes on the deadline of a tender.
The deputy minister said all departments and universities under the ministry use the tender process. The Department of Irrigation and Water Utilization Management advertises tender offers for construction projects exceeding Ks 100 million.

Holding documents accessible only by owners
U Ba Shein of Kyaukpyu constituency raised a question on whether the plot of land at Holdings No. 118/C in Kyaukpyu Township is registered in the township land statistics department and why the relevant ministry has not supplied a copy of the Holdings’ map to the MP, even though they have the responsibility to do so. Deputy Minister U Hla Kyaw replied that the particular plot of land at Holdings No. 118/C is registered with U Than Myint and its documents are archived at the Township Department of Agricultural Land Management and Statistics. He said only the true landowner or a legal representative can access or request copies of the land’s documents.
Similarly, Deputy Minister U Hla Kyaw also replied to questions raised by U Sai San Thein of Mongnai constituency on whether there are plans to expand Namtun creek, Namsalai creek, Naungon creek, Naungkyawt pond and Lwaisel pond in Mongnai Tonship; U Naing Naing Win of Tamu constituency on whether permits for establishing farmlands will be granted to local residents in Yannyeinaung Village, Indine village-tract, Tamu Township; and U Tin Aye of Metmung constituency on whether there are plans to construct a District/Township Rural Development Department building and District/Township Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department building.

Next, Daw Thandar, member of the Pyithu Hluttaw Committee on Citizen’s Fundamental Rights, read the committee’s report to the assembly. MPs interested in discussing the report were asked to enroll their names.
It was then announced that the Second Bill Amending the Myanmar Pearl Law, sent back with amendments from the Amyotha Hluttaw, has been received and MPs interested in submitting amendments to the bill were asked to enroll their names.
The Pyithu Hluttaw then deliberated on the Literature and Art Copyright Bill, sent back with amendments from the Amyotha Hluttaw, after which the Pyithu Hluttaw approved the bill.
MPs discuss motion urging proper research for TVET
U Tin Maung Win of Seikkan constituency tabled a motion urging the Union Government to properly research the number of required skilled workers, technicians and engineers in the country so that appropriate policies and strategies can be put in place concerning opening new branches of technical high schools, government technical institutes and technical universities in implementing the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Myanmar.
Daw Khin Hnin Thit of Pandaung constituency discussed the motion saying that some countries teach technical and vocational education alongside basic education subjects, thus nurturing skilled professionals who will implement government policies. She said India produces 135,000 technicians a year, while Singapore produces 70,000, and Myanmar just 10,000. She said people need opportunities to utilize the technical or vocational skills they have acquired. Failure to create employment for them signals a weakness in national policies, she said. She said the motion urges research to properly see which variety of technicians and how many are required in the relevant sectors so that compatible and supportive national policies can be set, and thus she agrees with the motion. U Ba Shein of Kyaukpyu constituency also discussed the motion saying the ministry of technology is organized under the Ministry of Education but a deputy minister has not been appointed for the technological sector. He said setting policies and strategies and performing research to develop the technological education aspects should be carried out. He said there should be a motivating force to ensure more emphasis on technological aspects. He said the Ministry of Education should broadly implement sectors relating to technology. He advised that appointing a deputy minister for technology will be suitable for undertaking technological development.
The motion was further discussed by U Saw Tun Mya Aung of Papun constituency, U Maung Myint of Mingin constituency, U Ohn Khin of Palaw constituency, U Sai Oo Kham of Hsenwi constituency, U Aung Thike of Seikpyu constituency, Dr. Daw Thet Thet Khine of Dagon constituency, Daw Yin Min Hlaing of Gangaw constituency, U Min Thein of Taungtwingyi constituency, Dr. Daw Khin Nyo of Dedaye constituency, U Myo Naing of Chanayethazan constituency, and U Tin Ko Ko Oo (a) U Atut of Bilin constituency. Deputy Minister for Education U Win Maw Tun replied to the motion saying that the National Education Strategic Plan (NESP) 2016-2021 was launched after researching the requirements of skilled workers, technicians and engineers in Myanmar so that the necessary job opportunities, teaching staff, teaching aid and materials, and infrastructure can be included in the respective state and region’s budget proposals. He said the Ministry of Education has carried out and accomplished all the criteria in the tabled motion and accepts the motion as it encourages further multi-technical and vocational education for the country. After some deliberation, the Pyithu Hluttaw approved the motion. The 16th-day meeting of the ninth regular session of the Second Pyithu Hluttaw will be held on 7 September.


Myo Myint, Han Lin Naing

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