Security forces raid PDF camp at school; arms and ammunition confiscated in Htigyaing

Marathein sskm

According to the report on PDF terrorists camping in the primary school in Marathein village, Htigyaing Township, Sagaing Region, to commit acts of vandalism, security forces raided the camp to arrest the terrorists yesterday.
Residents of Marathein village, who did not want the riots and terrorism, secretly reported to the nearest security forces that the terrorists were preparing to carry out acts of violence based under the protection of a primary school in the village. When security forces went to the village to conduct necessary security measures, the terrorists inside the school fired at them with heavy and small arms at around 10 am. When the security forces fired back at them, they fled to the south of the village at around noon.
It is reported that the terrorists set up sandbags, mines around the school fence inside/outside the school and the school has been fortified with the construction of terrorist training camps and sandbag bunkers. Arms, including seven percussion lock arms, two homemade guns, 21 homemade launcher rockets, seven homemade mines, 32 training rifles, one lathe for the preparation of terrorist arms, six motorcycles, TNT gunpowder, steel rods and tubes used in explosives, camouflage uniforms and accessories were confiscated from them.
Attacking security forces by taking protection in educational buildings, homes in villages, encroachment on camp-based attacks on schools used by students for education are acts of war crimes under the Geneva Conventions and international law. They will be taken effective action under the existing criminal laws.
It is learned that the security forces are stepping up security measures for the safety of the people as terrorists are committing terrorist acts in villages, and the people are requested to work together by secretly reporting the activities of terrorists to the relevant authorities. — MNA

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