Security measures underway as KNPP, PDF terrorists try abducting education staff, students of Loikaw University

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Location map of attacks by KNPP and PDF terrorists.

KNPP and PDF terrorists launched attacks on Loikaw University using heavy and small weapons yesterday morning and tried to forcibly abduct education workers and students.
The state government cooperated with the relevant officials to evacuate the faculty and students to safe places while KNPP and PDF terrorists intentionally launched such attacks. There are still armed engagements with terrorist groups.
KNPP and PDF terrorists took positions in houses, religious buildings, health and educational buildings to commit terrorist attacks in Kayah State starting December 2021. They also attacked an arch opening ceremony in Loikaw Township marking the 71st Anniversary of Kayah State Day (2023), which fell on 15 January.
Due to their attacks on non-military targets, university students and educational staff, some of the buildings in the university were destroyed and some security force members were injured. The security measures are underway near the vicinity areas.
Because of their attacks, the examination in the third batch of the University of Distance Education that started yesterday was postponed indefinitely, and that was a huge loss for students.
Members of security forces keep conducting security measures and urged the locals in Kayah State to work together to ensure the peace and rule of law. — MNA/KTZH

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