Security and Rule of Law

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  • By Khin Maung Oo
  • Just after 7 pm, on October 15, 2017, three men were arrested at the Nay Pyi Taw airport terminal together with two firearms and bullets. According to the news, airport security forces found them before leaving Nay Pyi Taw for Yangon by MNA flight. During further searches at their lodging more weapons and some narcotic drugs were seized again. Legal action has been taken against them under criminal law for illegal possession of drugs and lethal weapons, it was learnt.
    In carrying luggage onboard an aircraft, it is not allowed to take even a nail clipper or any type of small knife, intentionally or otherwise. In the present case, lethal weapons were found in the luggage.
    A weapon in the hand of a person regardless of age or sex is of great danger. Very often, there have been accidental cases even in the hands of responsible personnel who know how to systematically hold and use them. As known by all, there have been groundless inhumane mass shootings occasionally in America where citizens are allowed to purchase and keep guns for self-defense.
    It can be assumed that such a seizure of guns, bullets, sniper lens and related accessories is a violent threat to the people. Especially, we believe that security of high-ranking officials of the government and political leaders should be taken very seriously. Most Myanmar people love peace and they greatly value loving-kindness. However, we must keep in our minds that there are some wicked people who are willing and ready to harm others.
    Before any assassination happens, we need to pay great caution to everything. Much has been experienced that we had no alternative but to feel sorrow and great anger when brutal deeds had been committed in history.
    Not too long ago, there had been cases where victims were brutally killed but culprits could not be arrested till now, far from being punished as they deserved, for example, the murder of five persons and assassination of the NLD’s legal advisor.
    We generally understand that the Government, the Executive Branch, especially the Ministry of Home Affairs and the police force and the Chief Justice of the Union will take legal actions against them in accord with the law, with regard to those arrested. Likewise, we firmly believe that Hluttaws will review the current laws relating to holding of weapons from every possible perspective.
    Last but not least, we assume that newspapers which constitute the Fourth Estate, are under duty to highlight that responsible officials should not condone such events, instead they should take these matters seriously as national security is of great importance to the nation.
    Our national leaders should be given the kind of tight security they deserve as they perform their daily duties on behalf of the nation.
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