Seek out investment opportunities in Chin State

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  • With its unique geographical location, Myanmar is in a position to serve as a bridge between India and China, besides acting as Beijing’s link to the ASEAN. This makes Myanmar a strategically important country and provides several opportunities for economic growth. For Chin State, which borders India, there are obvious market opportunities.
    In addition to allowing it to take part in direct and transit trade through the Mekong-India economic corridor, Myanmar’s strategic location will support the development of industrial zones and special economic zones along the corridor.
    Investment opportunities in Chin State vary from huge projects to SMEs engaged in agriculture, livestock breeding, community-based tourism, hydropower, basic infrastructure development works, and traditional weaving, among others.
    There are good prospects for the development of community-based tourism businesses and the agricultural sector as the agri products of Chin State are free of chemicals.
    The coffee from Chin State is Grade 96, while the world’s top grade and special grade coffees from Pyin Oo Lwin, Ywangan, and Thandaung areas are Grade 84-86.
    Traditional woven baskets businesses from Chin must be revitalized to reclaim local and foreign markets.
    People in southern Chin use natural thread for making fabric and businesses involved in this enjoy a moderate level of success. The end product is expensive, but the quality is worth the price.
    Chin State lies on the strategic economic corridor between India and Myanmar, and as bilateral trade increases, there will be better and more concrete opportunities.
    The ongoing transport, communication, and basic infrastructure works in the state also serve as investment opportunities.
    The Private Sector Development Framework was drawn up to bridge the gap between the views of the participants and reality, understand the difficulties faced by businesspersons, and to draw a road map.
    The Union Government is making arrangements to upgrade the framework to help businesses overcome challenges.
    The upgrade will involve five areas: improving the legal and procedural environment, and access to financing, supporting and increasing trade and investment, establishing basic human resources, and redefining the State’s role in the trade and service sectors. The economic environment of all the states and regions will be improved as part of a wide-ranging reform.
    Seek out new opportunities in Chin State.
    Private investments can help resolve the challenges of poverty and inequality, and create a better social environment.
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