Seeking legal remedies is key to solving electoral disputes

With the successful completion of the 2020 General Elections on 8th November, the results are emerging daily. The Union Election Commission has made Myanmar proud by ensuring that the 2020 general elections meet five standards: they are free, fair, transparent, reliable, and harmonious with the people’s desire.
Free and fair elections are the foundation and at the heart of a democracy.
It is found that every legally cast vote was properly counted under the eyes of election observers, representatives of candidates, witnesses and media, reflecting that the 2020 General Elections is transparent, inclusive, and accountable.
It is worth noting that the UEC is working hard to declare all the results of the nationwide elections in seven days though it took 10 days for the previous UEC to announce all results in the 2015 General Elections.
The election results are posted and broadcast on state-run newspapers, TV, and the UEC website in a timely manner.
Political parties including three major parties have welcomed the success of the 2020 General Elections while one major party made allegations that the 2020 General Elections are not free and fair. It also rejected the emerging results and also demanded that the general elections are held once again.
In response to the allegations made by the party, the UEC refuted at the press conference saying that the allegations were groundless, without any supporting evidence.
We would like to remind all candidates that if they believe that electoral process had violated any part of the election law, they could challenge it in the courts with evidence in support of their claims. It is their right guaranteed by law.
In a democratic system, there are often allegations about voting following elections. However, we should note that there are courts to apply the nation’s laws and resolve disputes.
At the same time, we should avoid making groundless accusations because they can damage trust and tarnish the dignity of others, especially the UEC which held the General Elections.
All sides observed the electoral process in the General Elections. If they have evidence supporting their claims, they need to seek a judicial remedy for their claims according to the law.

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