Sein Ta Lone mangoes’ export takes air, sea routes to S’pore, Russia, China

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Labourers arranging mangoes in the farm. Photo: Khine Set Wai

Some 10 tonnes of the Sein Ta Lone (Diamond Solitaire) mangoes are being exported via air and sea routes to Singapore, Russia and China every day since 8 May. Myanmar’s Sein Ta Lone mangoes have penetrated foreign markets since 2010, and the demand for this variety has become stronger in the international market since 2013.
“Local cultivators control the quality of mangoes. Therefore, the demand for the Sein Ta Lone mangoes is high. This year, local cultivators have produced more Sein Ta Lone mangoes,” said Daw Lat Lat Oo from Myanmar Shwe Fruit Company.
Earlier, traders only bought mangoes that weighed 250 grams per fruit. However, traders are now buying mangoes that weigh 220, 240, 300, 350 and 400 grams per fruit, according to requests made by local cultivators. Traders usually choose the fruits after measuring the weight and size.
“Local cultivators requested traders to buy even the small-sized mangoes. We select the fruits using a machine to weigh their size. The price of mangoes depends on their size. The mangoes are brought to Yangon in air-con container vehicles and then exported via Singapore airline,” she added.
Traders usually buy the Sein Ta Lone mangoes that are cultivated mainly in Patheingyi, Kyaukse and Singu townships in the Mandalay Region. They are then sent to China in air-con container vehicles via the 105 mile border gate. Traders also distribute the fruits via air. The Mandalay Region does not have a direct airline. Therefore, traders export mangoes to Singapore and Russia from the Yangon airport.
Exporters only buy Sein Ta Lone mangoes that are of good quality, colour and are flawless. From 8 May, Myanmar has been exporting mangoes weighing some 8 to 10 tonnes per day via an airline from the Yangon airport. Myanmar exported the Sein Ta Lone mangoes via sea routes recently.


Khine Set Wai

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