Seize the day to take part in nation-building!

Khin Maung Oo

A country’s future belongs to its youth, as a well-known phrase goes. Undeniably, today’s youths will one day replace our ageing statesmen. For more than half a century, we lost our way to a developed state, groping in the dark without an able and full-fledged leader to lead the nation.
Now we have the people’s government, chosen by the people. Yet, subversive and destructive elements will usually besmirch the government’s reputation. Among the representatives elected by the people, there may be those who are weak in educational qualifications. But it is a sure thing that they were nominated by the leaders believing they would be good followers.
As stated by a pessimistic mind, an overseas-educated person, ipso facto, cannot be assumed to be qualified to lead a country. But, they are inarguably the better students who get the elite education compared to learners in least developed countries like ours, as it is.
It begs belief how many achievements reached the nation in such a short period, like the landslide victory in the previous 2015 general elections, managing to acquire the co-operation of the Tatmataw, discoveries and eradication of drug-trafficking to a considerable extent, arresting violations of human rights and having international sanctions lifted. Who dare denies that these result from miraculous powers of the globally-recognized national figure?
Now we are marching towards a modernised federal democratic nation under the guidance of the national leader. There seems to be an element of hyperbole in such a claim that we all are nation-builders and we are responsible for producing leaders-to-be to succeed the governing bodies.
What are our responsibilities? To reach our goal, it will take us ages. Our leaders need to acknowledge the abilities and value of youths to be endowed with the faculty of understanding political, administrative and judicial affairs up to their respective levels. They are to be indoctrinated with the spirit of patriotism, nationalism and sense of responsibility and sense of accountability from the time they are young. Otherwise, our country’s destiny will plunge into gloominess. While helping the government to build itself to become good governance and a clean government, we are required to guide our offspring not to go astray. The whole populace is invited to join willing hands in the nation-building as unsung heroes.

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