Self-confidence key to building a federal democratic Union

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We, as a people, have committed to building a federal democratic Union inspired by Bogyoke Aung San and other ethnic leaders.
We strongly believe that only a genuine federal democratic system can guarantee equal opportunities and basic human rights to all the people, regardless of their ethnicity and majority or minority status.
As we march towards our goal, we should be on the alert to prevent the re-emergence of a political system under which people were ruled with an iron-fist.
To achieve our goal, we need to build unity, for therein lies our strength.
The people need to nurture the spirit of the Union which accepts that we all are ethnic brethren of the Union.
As part of building a genuine democratic system, MPs are trying to amend the 2018 constitution. It was right of the ruling party to lay down a policy to achieve the goal of setting up a genuine democracy within the framework of peace and rule of law with the belief that such a step would not hurt the country.
Our leaders collaborated and exercised farsightedness, wisdom, magnanimity, and a risk-taking spirit.
They did what they believed and that reflects their self-confidence and trust in each other.
Today, if all stakeholders for the nationwide ceasefire have self-confidence, the peace process will be all-inclusive and the gun fires that we have heard for over 70 years will be silenced.
We would like to request ethnic armed groups who have not signed the ceasefire agreement until now to have confidence in their own capacity.
With self-confidence, they can move on to goals they seek, and win people’s support with their powers and astuteness.
The people of the country have undertaken the historic task of building a federal democratic Union. If we can strengthen our union in the present time, generations to come will be able to enjoy the fruitful results of our efforts.
No one can escape history. Successive generations will judge our actions till the end of time. Therefore, we must think about how we’ll face the tribunals formed by future generations. Our actions should enable us to defend ourselves with our heads held high.

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