Sender of fake news in Rakhine linked to int’l extremist groups

A 21-year-old resident of Buthitaung Township in the northern Rakhine State has been sending fake, inflammatory news to extremists in Bangladesh, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, an investigation has revealed.
The false dispatches include items that state: security forces are torturing Muslims to death, authorities said.
Acting on a tip, regional forces visited the residence of Ramauk Tula, 21, of the village of Kyaukphyu Tharthaykan, Buthitaung township, accompanied by the village administrator and the ward-in-charge.
An inspection of Ramauk Tula’s residence led to a search of his mobile phone, which revealed a Viber contact by the name of Rohingya Muslim Group. An audio file in the Bengali language was found that said: “Help us! Government troops and police forces are killing Bengalis in Buthitaung Township!
Viber is a phone call and text messaging application for mobile phones that can be used globally.
From the investigation of Ramauk Tula, it was learnt that Maulawi Mamudsha of Kyaukphyu Tharthaykan village, who returned from Bangladesh two months ago, taught Ramauk Tula and others how to create Viber accounts and post news in the group. Ramauk showed others how to open accounts. It was learnt that some extremists from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and India include in this viber group.
It was found that participants in the Viber groups are Islamic extremists who aimed to launch subversive attacks on the government and for illegal immigrants in the region to become nationalized.
According the messages, it was also discovered that this Rohingya Muslim Viber group is linked with the California-based Rohingya Vision News, a connection used to get necessary aid from international extremist groups. Other messages exchanged in the Viber group were informed about terrorist attacks in June 2016.
The Information Committee of the State Counsellor’s Office said it will continue to investigate and will release information in a timely manner.

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