Serve duties and obligations for a harmonious society

In any society, individuals are bound by an inherent duty and a historical responsibility. Throughout their lives, people encounter diverse situations and eras, compelling them to serve various duties and obligations, ranging from familial and organizational responsibilities to social, religious, political, and national duties.
From a young age, they are taught to devotedly serve the duties assigned by their seniors or organizations, viewing it as a practice for shouldering more substantial responsibilities within society. Understanding that duties are obligatory and obligations are to be fulfilled becomes paramount for every individual.
To effectively accomplish their duties and obligations, individuals must take care to demonstrate accountability and responsibility for their actions. By acting rationally and responsibly, they can successfully navigate the challenges that come their way. Conversely, neglecting these virtues can lead to an inability to fulfil their duties and reluctance to exert strenuous efforts, resulting in a downward spiral, hindering their personal growth.
Regrettably, some individuals may become complacent, merely completing tasks for the sake of completion, lacking the ambition to strive for success and prosperity. Such a mindset diminishes their chances of securing opportunities and gaining knowledge to advance in life, ultimately plunging them into a dim future. Conversely, those who embrace the concept of putting in the utmost effort to accomplish their assignments are likely to enjoy a brighter future.
In Myanmar, those who uphold the teachings of Lord Buddha are expected to fulfil obligations towards their parents, offspring, teachers, pupils, spouses, friends, monks, disciples, and society’s leaders. The fulfilment of these obligations must be done with utmost conscientiousness and without external pressure.
Moreover, everybody must internalize the notion that their actions should not harm others, and they should avoid any intentions of encroachment on others including friends or opponents. Even when performing duties and obligations correctly, actions that harm others can deem them as societal destroyers. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to refrain from improper behaviours while fulfilling their duties and obligations. Only by adhering to these basic factors can they be recognized as truly humane individuals.
Hence, serving duties and obligations is an essential aspect of fostering a cohesive society. Every individual should embrace their responsibilities with determination, rationality, and accountability. By doing so, only when they contribute a great deal towards their personal growth and the progress of their relevant societies will a brighter and harmonious future emerge for all.

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