Sesame growers face financial loss due to poor harvest

Sesame being harvested in a  field.  Photo: Zeyatu (Magway)
Sesame being harvested in a field.  Photo: Zeyatu (Magway)

Sesame growers in Magway Region said they are likely to face a pecuniary loss due to a poor harvest this season.
A sesame grower, who resides in Makangyi Village in Magway Township, said, “Heavy rain this planting season has led to an increase in operating costs, resulting in a decline in production. Last year, an acre of sesame produced between 15 and 17 baskets. The numbers are expected to decrease to 10-12 baskets this year.”
But, residents said growers are expected to enjoy the financial benefits, as prices are high in the market due to low production. For the time being, a basket of white sesame is sold at Ks48,000 in the Magway market, while black sesame is worth Ks50,000 and red sesame Ks45,000 per basket.
U Thaung Htay, another farmer from the same village, said that growers are now faced with increasing operating costs, a scarcity of farm workers and climate change. They spent a lot of money
on production costs because heavy rain damaged crops and they had to restart the cultivation.
There are over 50 acres of crop plantations, including over 20 acres of sesame plantations, in Magway Region, according to the region’s agriculture department.—Zeyatu (Magway)

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