Sesame, peanut prices deflated in commodity market

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Since the end of August, the prices of oil crops such as sesame and peanut have been falling in the Mandalay commodity market, according to the daily prices of the market and some sesame traders. Monsoon sesame is most traded in August and September.
Similarly, the prices of sesame hit the highest of K115,000 per 45-viss bag of Niger seed, K165,000 per bag of new brown sesame, and K208,000 per bag of white sesame and K245,000 per viss of black sesame (Samone variety) on 1 July. The price touched a high of K135,000 for Niger seed, K190,000 for brown sesame, K220,000 for white sesame and K235,000 for black sesame in early August. The price of various sesame seeds showed a significant rise of K10,000 to K25,000 per bag in early August.
On 28 July, the price of sesame was K300,000 per 45-viss bag of black sesame (Samone variety), K370,000–K380,000 per bag of white sesame JP, K345,000–K355,000 per bag of regular white sesame, and K290,000–K295,000 per bag of new brown sesame.
The prices of various sesame seeds rose by K50,000 or K90,000 per bag on 26 August. On 3 September, the prices dropped back to the range of K290,000 to K400,000 per bag. Among the types of sesame, white sesame has the highest price.
Sown acreage of sesame is just a half of oil crop plantations across the nation. Sesame strains are cultivated in monsoon, winter and summer, and winter sesame is the most cultivated.
Large sown acreage of sesame can be seen in the Sagaing, Magway, and Mandalay regions. Cultivation cost in 2021 was around K300,000 per acre, and around K500,000 in 2022. Sesame will be harvested three months after planting, and one acre of sesame yields about 10 baskets.
It is said that winter sesame will be planted in September and October. The peanut price recently declined in the market, as did the sesame price.
The prices per viss of the new white peanut S-1 were K6,800–K7,000 on 28 July, K8,000–K8,300 for the new variety, K7,400–K7,600 for the old variety, and K6,900–K7,000 on 2 September. Similarly, the prices per viss of new red peanut were K9,000–K9,500 on 27 July, K9,800–K10,400 on 26 August, and K8,500–K9,300 on 2 September.
The wholesale price of peanut oil and sesame oil is K14,000–K15,000 per viss and K12,000–K13,000 per viss, respectively. Depending on the quality of peanuts, a viss of peanut produces 38 to 44 ticals of peanut oil and a viss of sesame, six-viss of sesame oil. — TWA/CT

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