Sesame price hits minimum K45,000 per basket in early harvesting season

According to the sesame traders, the price of sesame hit a minimum of K45,000 per basket (one basket = 33.33 kilos) in the early harvesting season.
Mandalay traders are saying that the winter sesame is less cultivated compared to monsoon sesame. The traders demand the sesame with early yield, offering a fair price in the market. The sesame price is K70,000 per basket if it is of superior quality. (GAP) black sesame costs K10,000 more than the normal one.
The price of black sesame is higher than that of other types of sesame. The yielding volume is also greater than other sesame. That is the reason why the foreign market is demanding black sesame. Last year, the winter sesame price started at K48,000 per basket.
Myanmar exports 90 per cent of sesame product to foreign markets. China is the primary buyer of Myanmar sesame, which is also shipped to markets in Japan, South Korea, China (Taipei), UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, and Poland among the EU countries. The EU markets prefer organic-farming sesame seeds from Myanmar, said an official from the Trade Promotion Organization.
Japan prefers Myanmar black sesame seeds, cultivated under the good agricultural practices (GAP), and purchases them after making a quality assessment. Black sesame seeds from Myanmar are also exported to South Korea and Japan. Meanwhile, China buys various coloured sesame seeds from the country.
The number of sesame acreages has increased in the country. Sesame is cultivated in the country throughout the year. The winter black sesame starts to grow in September and yield in December.
Currently, sesame (normal) crops are ranging K45,000-K55,000-K57,000 per basket depending upon the sesame quality in the market. —Zin Yaw Aye (Translated by Hay Mar)

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