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Set sight on the production of safe food for consumers


Everybody needs to scrutinize their daily foods including snacks, rice and meals, soft and hard drinks. They should remove the uncertainty of unsafe foods from the daily consumption list for improving health conditions.
Various kinds of meals, meat, vegetables and marine products can be seen in markets. Surely, these items cannot be conformed to the health guidelines. These products are made of residues of chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and dyes which are unsuitable for public health and low-quality ingredients in addition to some kinds of poisons such as aflatoxin.
Moreover, the residue of pesticides from the vegetables may affect the consumers to face some health problems. In addition, an unhealthy process in the production of consumer goods is dangerous for the people. Hence, all the people need to carefully choose the products for their daily consumption.
Officials from the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Department of Food and Drug Administration and those from relevant development committees and responsible departments are focusing on inspection of consumer products whether chemicals, dyes, low-quality ingredients, and chemical and pesticide residues should be used or not.
It is not to dare think about the health consequences of those who consume low-quality consumer products. Those suffering from diseases due to unhealthy consumer products may bring difficulties and problems to their families. If so, terrible challenges may wait for them. If they fail to overcome them, those families may be in trouble.
Everybody needs cultural sympathy. If one sells low-quality products, another one who buys them may face troubles. Hence, all the people need to help each other with sympathy in the sale and consumption of meals with quality, healthy products for shaping their brighter future. Consequently, the Myanmar people will have the chance to join a healthy society.
Everybody needs to take care of avoiding the acts harming others. If they commit the troublemaking to others, they may face similar problems in a short time. So, everybody needs to trade quality and healthy products and try hard to culture the practice and knowledge of how to scrutinize all eatable things for daily safe consumption. Only when they have safe foods, will they be healthy and nurture the healthy new generations. If so, the motherland Myanmar will be healthy in the future.

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