Seventy per cent of rural water supply projects completed in Leshi Township

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DRD carrying out to creat easy access of drinking water for the rural people.

Sagaing Region rural water supply works are being carried out to create easy access of drinking water for the rural people in Leshi Township, Naga Self-Administered Zone. At present, 70% of these works have been completed, said officials.
The construction of dams in six villages in Leshi Township was completed in the fiscal year 2020-2021, and the construction of springs and reservoirs began the last week of February 2021.
At present, water supply is sufficient in the villages.
“As our area is mountainous, access to water is also difficult. The water supply was inconvenient, so we had to carry out exploration work. In doing so, the water from the spring will be connected to PVC pipes with a capacity of 5,000 gallons. The water is supplied to the village only after the water is stored in 3,000-gallon tanks.
This fiscal year, water supply will be provided to six villages. So far, water supply works have been completed in four villages. Water supply to the remaining villages will be completed as soon as possible,” said U Khaung Po, township head of the Rural Development Department in Leshi Township.
Constructions works for dams, springs and reservoirs in six villages of Leshi Township were started from the fiscal year 2020-2021.
Water supply works have been fully completed in four villages: Cheya, Myenigon, Kukki Sanpya and Shwepyiaye.
“As our Naga area is hilly, we are skillful to use bamboo to connect water to the villages. With the help of the government, enough water can be used in the villages.”
“In addition, we have formed water management committees in each village to raise awareness of the benefits of using clean water in the villages,” U Khaung Po added.
Leshi Township, Naga Self-Administered Zone of Sagaing Region consists of 69 villages in 19 village-tracts, which are home to 3,321 households and 3,412 houses.
With a population of 18,800 in the region, the Department of Rural Development (DRD) is working to provide clean water to the rural population each fiscal year, according to the Leshi Township Rural Development Department.—Lu Lay/GNLM

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