Shan Nationalities Democratic Party presents its policy, stance and work program

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U Sai Ai Pao, Chairman of Shan Nationalities Democratic Party.

Chairman of the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party U Sai Ai Pao has presented the party’s policy, stance, work program and other issues from radio and television on 5 September.

Following is a translation of the presentation:

Mày sung khaa.

Citizens and voters,

I wish you all health and happiness.

Ethnic nationalities,

The aspiration of all ethnic peoples of the Union is to enjoy life that is free from all social worries in a peaceful, stable, modern and developed democratic federal union and to peacefully coexist in the global village.
Since Shan Nationalities Democratic Party was registered as a political party under registration No 15/2010 on 26 May 2010, the party has been striving under its own conviction to realize the political expectations of the ethnic peoples and citizens. The party will continue this endeavor.

Our belief

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Party logo.

We firmly believe that we can build a federal Republic of the Union of Myanmar only if we can establish a democratic state where there is no oppression and repression, but instead love and unity among the ethnic peoples, equality in basic social rights, fairness and liberty.

We declare that the following are the main points of the goal and work program of the party:

(a) To establish a federal democratic state through peaceful means;
(b) To ensure perpetuation of the Union, and love and unity among its ethnic nationalities;
(c) To ensure all basic social rights for every ethnic race living in the Union;
(d) To prioritize especially on the practical work and not on the theories or dreams;
(e) To apply all available rights and authority in achieving more effectiveness, without giving priority to confrontation and opposition in politics and other sectors.

All ethnic races, including Bamars,

At present, the world has become a global village because of the intangible and tangible facilitation of communications and connection sectors.

We can compare our country with a household in this global village. Only
if the leadership and management is good, then members of a household will be
happy, and in unity the family can be protected and developed. Otherwise, there will be no development undertaking, as happiness comes to a halt and unity becomes broken down.

For all the brethren to strive in unity and love for the progress and prosperity
of the Union, an environment, where there are equal basic human rights, justice and freedom and where there is no oppression and repression, must be created. We will achieve peace and prosperity if we concentrate on the practical areas, rather than on dreams, while staying away from placing personal interests and desire in the fore.

So we need to choose the people’s representatives who keep their promises and who will lead with goodwill for a “real change” towards a positive end.

Ethnic nationalities,

Fifty-one points have been agreed upon at the Union Peace Conference — 21st Century Panglong, as its fruits. An agreement on the establishment of a public-aspired democratic federal state, which received unanimous support, is also included in the 51 points.

Ethnic nationalities,

The word federal doesn’t mean secession. It actually stands for “integration”.

• In the Union, necessary legislative and administrative powers should be shared equally among the states, so that they can have equal rights.
• On behalf of all, the
Union government shall be responsible for
the legislative and
administrative powers that must be exercised collectively.
• A system that equally distributes the rightful powers to the states is a true federal system.

It is a kind of federal we desire.

We need a real change towards a positive end in establishing a democratic federal state, aspired by the entire people. So we all need to choose people’s representatives that prove themselves with practical actions, not just in words.
Ethnic nationalities,

Just by wearing a flower doesn’t mean that we love flowers. We can say we love flowers only if we water the plant, fertilize the soil and do weeding, until beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers bloom. We cannot say that a person loves a democratic federal system, if they just want to grab its fruits. They are in fact selfish persons and day-dreamers.

To enjoy the beauties of a democratic federal system, such as the practice of paying attention to the aspiration of both the majority and the minority and ensuring full basic rights, equality justice and freedom, we must water the plant, fertilize the soil and do weeding. If we cannot do this by ourselves, we should find a person or party that will do the job, on our behalf. The person who will represent us must be the person from an organization desirous of serving the majority interest with zeal and energetic efforts. In other words, they must be from a party with an excellent policy. We need to select a good person.

I would like to inform the people that the chance to make a real change towards a positive end is in your hands.

Ethnic nationalities,

Political development comes together with national economic growth. We can develop our national economy as long as we can ensure a peaceful and stable political landscape. Likewise, there will be peace, stability and social development in the nation only if there is economic progress. Only if people fully enjoy equality, there will be socioeconomic progress and peace and stability in the nation. Moreover, we can avoid social problems.

So, I would like to urge the people to join hands in implementing a federal economic system, based on equality, justice and freedom in generating a real change towards a peaceful and stable positivity, terminating social troubles.

Ethnic nationalities,

We can say that the election is an event in which persons who wish to take political responsibility and accountability on the path towards a desired federal democratic state will be tested. Gold proves its value when tested. Likewise, a people’s representative must take the responsibility and accountability to prove his words with deeds.

We will reach the goal of a democratic federal system only if the public correctly elects the persons who prove their words with actions.

Let’s make a real positive change. So, make sure, you cast a vote correctly for the candidate you choose.

Ethnic nationalities,

Last but not the least, I would say that we are all the ones who wish to build and develop our own lives and country, which is our home and shelter. So as a means to pay back the gratitude we owe to our country, we must make the right choice in the election.
As for making a real positive change, the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party solemnly vows to carry on giving new life to the Union, based on its own stance. With this I conclude.

Translated by TMT

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