Shan Nationalities Democratic Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

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Shan Nationalities Democratic Party Chairman Sai Boe Aung presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 11 September.

Mai Soong Kha, Mingalaba.
I am greeting to all the Union national people for the auspiciousness. I am Sai Boe Aung, General Secretary of Shan Nationalities Democratic Party.

Esteemed national people
I will present the belief, stance and the primary objectives for the 2020 General Election.
Our party firmly believe that:
“A strong Republic of Federal Union endowed with unity and peace will emerge if we could only build a democratic state endowed with free from oppression between one another, friendly relations among national races, equal rights for basic social status, justice, freedom and genuine democratic country.
Therefore, the first policy and objective of our party for the 2020 General Election are ‘to establish a genuinely democratic state through the peacemaking process.

Esteemed national people
If we review the lack of peace in our country since the country has regained its independence in 1948, we have found that diverse political views, especially the ethnic minorities have felt they have no equal rights in politics and they are treated with discrimination; armed conflicts have led to instability in the country. Therefore, internal peacemaking processes are the main driving force for the stability of the country. And that, peace is reciprocally related to the establishment of a democratic federal Union desired by the national people.
Our Shan Nationalities Democratic Party will not focus on confrontation and opposition in line with the party policy. Instead, peacemaking efforts will be carried out through political dialogue. The party has emphasized the establishment of a genuine Federal Union with equal sharing of power between the Union-level and region/state levels, natural resources and revenues.
Regarding the peacemaking process, the party will actively take part in NCA, political dialogue to make agreements in peace conferences.
Under the Paragraph (a) in Chapter 1 of NCA, our party will keep on actively taking part in building the Union based on federal system and democracy being fully endowed with guarantees expected by the national people.

Esteemed national people
The second objective of the party for the election is to form a state government represented by the local ethnic people because they could know the requirements of their state and how to manage for the development of the country. Only local ethnic people have management and administrative powers, and they could work for the development of the country.

Esteemed national people
The figure of the International Monetary Fund for Southeast Asia in October 2019 has shown that the per capita income of our citizen was just US$124.4 or K1,740,000 (K4,800 per day). If the individual income could not cover the fundamental needs, the stability of the country would be damaged, and its economic development will also decline.
Therefore, the economic objectives of the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party include the economic development of the country by promoting income of individuals.

Esteemed national people
Power-sharing at the state level is vital for the successful establishment of the Federal Union, while local ethnic people play a crucial role in the local administrative sector. The existing Constitution has stipulated that only the members of civil service organizations of a relevant ministry have authority to manage the local administrative sector. Although local people are grouped as town elders and township/district supporting committee, they are not allowed for making decisions and implementations. As a result, the performance of development programmes fails to meet the needs of local people. Therefore, the party has aimed to allow for the participation of local people in administration and management sector.

Esteemed national people
Education is crucial for the development of an area or the whole country. Education reform is needed in every state in developing an applied knowledge and modern and advanced education system. As our country has not grown in the economic sector, it is required to promote an applied education which can help socioeconomic development.
In the 5th paragraph of education policy for the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party, it has mentioned ‘establishment of international standard education that can guarantee the future’. Therefore, the party has an objective to adopt an education system that can support socio-economic development.

Esteemed national people
The 2020 General Election is a door to pass through in establishing a federal democratic state. People need to vote for suitable persons who can work for the development of the country to be able to reach the destination. It is required to elect appropriate representatives who have a firm belief, objectives and future programmes. It is advised to the people to put the stamp right in the boxes beside the preferred candidates.

Esteemed national people
In my conclusion, I would like to urge all the people who are living on the same land and drinking water from the same source, voting for development of the country as decent citizens in return of its gratitude.
The Shan Nationalities Democratic Party has a firm determination for the positive change in moving forward with the solemn vow. Thank you.

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