Shan-ni & Northern Shan Ethnics Solidarity Party (SNSP) presents its policy, stance and work program

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General Secretary U Saw Win Tun .

General Secretary U Saw Win Tun of Shan-ni & Northern Shan Ethnics Solidarity Party (SNSP) presented the party’s policy, stance, work programs and other issues on radio and TV on 18 September.
Following is a translation of the presentation:
I wish you all May sung khaa. I am Central Executive Member, General Secretary U Saw Win Tun of Shan-ni & Northern Shan Ethnics Solidarity Party (SNSP). Our party will compete in the coming by-election for a seat at Kachin State Amyotha Hluttaw from Myitkyina Township constituency 2. The candidate to compete in the by-election is Daw Khin Ohn, a retired school headmistress, residing in Myitkyina. First of all, I would like to inform you that she is a woman candidate.
Before presenting policy and stance of SNSP, let me present the background history of Shan-ni to know Shan-ni people.
According to the currently adopted 135 ethnics, Shan-ni is a tribe included in 33 tribes of Shan ethnic group. The code number 803 represents Shangalay (Little Shan) and the code number 828 represents (Tailyan). Shan tribes living in Shan state are locally called Shangyi (Big Shan) and our tribe is locally called Shangalay, Shan Bamar, Shan-ni, and in Shan language we are called Tailyan, Tailai, Tainai, who are one of legal tribes of Shan ethnic groups.
We, Shan-ni, and Tai Khamti, Tailay, Taihsar, Taikadu and Taikanan tribes living in northern part of Myanmar have been residing in the country for centuries. We did not grab the land of other people forcefully but searched for new land and cleared it to reside. Since then, language, literature, culture, tradition, administration, military affairs have been thriving highly among our tribe.

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The land we have been residing since times of our forefathers includes, according to the current geographical map, Kalay, Tamu, Mawlaik, Phaungpyin, Homalin, Khamti, Nanyun, Katha, Htigyaing, Indaw, Wuntho, Kawlin, Pinlebu, Bamauk, totaling 14 townships in northern Sagaing Region; Mohnyin, Mogaung, Phakant, Waingmaw, Myitkyina, Tanai, Bhamo, Shwegu, Momauk, Mansi in Kachin State, totaling eight townships; and Momeik and Mabein, in northern Shan State. Most of the people are living in 22 townships till today.
To summarize, I would like to inform the people that we have been living on the lands which are adjacent to each another, and we are in millions with own language, culture, background history and literature.

Esteemed people,
As mentioned above, under the time, situation and system with transparencies, we were legally allowed to form SNSP in May 2015. The party, the one of national people, and is registered covering all union territories. We cannot represent all the constituencies but can do so limitedly in the constituency in our own region and thus we cannot take the power of the union and I would like to present sincerely that we cannot take the power of the state or local power as we have no own region.
However, we are aiming at representing the region and local people by taking a seat in the respective states/region Hluttaws and Union Hluttaws through our basic constituencies. We do not favour authoritarian, military or one party rule, but one of our party’s objectives is to support any government or parliament leading to build federal union through practicing genuine democracy. At the same time, we are going to oppose to any government and parliament who are to be against building of federal democracy union. In doing so, we will cooperate with other national forces, national parties and democracy forces who share the common goal with us.

Esteemed people,
It is important to note that Myanmar’s current political situation does not represent fully enjoying democracy and it is the time to transit from authoritarian system to democracy. Although there have been parliaments and governments formed with people representatives elected in 2010 and 2015 elections, it is known to all that there are many limitations and barriers to be parliaments and government who practice democracy fully. It is the objective condition that under the 2008 Constitution, a genuine federal union and democracy cannot be built. Therefore, all the civil forces and military know and accept that the 2008 Constitution needs to be amended or rewritten. It can be seen that there are differencse in approaching method how to amend it.
Currently, government, parliament, the military, the national forces, political parties and people are trying to amend the constitution and building federal union through Union Peace Conference — 21st Century Panglong. Only when the conference meets success will the amendment of 2008 Constitution and building of federal democracy take place. The first part of the conference focused on national ceasefire agreement. As it is the political bottleneck of 70-year long conflicts between national forces and the successive governments, it is the time to build peace through dialogues not holding arms.
We, SNSP, truly believe that only when the conference meets success will the amendment of 2008 Constitution and building of federal democracy and emergence of prosperous union take place. With this end in view, SNSP and Shan-ni ethnics vow to strive for reaching this goal.
We, SNSP, also believe that only building of federal union can we get new states/areas with equality, and own determination through legal framework. It is our pledge that this must be done.
I would like to present in earnest here that emergence of an area for Shan-ni and ethnics of northern Shan in new federal union similar to other national races through peace process, Union Peace Conference — 21st Century Panglong and federal union constitution is our party’s main policy and it is our historical duty.

Esteemed people,
We also vow to overcome any difficulties in building genuine federal union which is the common goal of all the national races, and we believe we will meet the party’s objective through peaceful means.
We do not accept narrow-minded racism and we accept all the national races are to live in the country in harmony with national spirit. We will be living peacefully with all the national races including Bamar, without discriminating majority or minority. We will cooperate with others without regardless of race or religion.
According to the historical background, the Constitution and the genuine existence, claiming our rights legally is the historical duty of our party. In doing so, we will not harm the rights of other citizens but seek our rights through dialogues.
We will serve the interest of the nation and own region living weal and woe together with other national races and citizens.
SNSP is the party focusing on building genuine federal union, harmonious living of citizens and national people, emergence of a genuine union endowed with the rule of law, stability and prosperity. Although it stands as an ethnic party, it pledges not to lose sight on a broad Union’s perspective.
I would like to urge all the people to vote SNSP with trust for the sake of the region and the Union.
Our party’s motto is as follows:
From Federal Union to Equality.
From Equality to Living in Harmony.
Thank you.

Translated by Wallace Tun

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