Shan State Army and Tatmadaw clash 37 times in October

Second OK 72FIGHTING broke out between the Myanmar Defence Services and the Wanhai faction of the Shan State Army earlier this month. Clashes began when government troops combed an area six miles west of Mongsan village in Mongshu Township, Shan State.
Although the SSA group in Wanhai received permission to establish headquarters in Wanhai following Union-level negotiations on 28 January 2013, some members of the group have built camps in an area 10 miles west of the headquarters. Despite repeated warnings from the Tatmadaw to withdraw to their headquarters in order to preserve peace and stability, SSA troops refused and launched attacks on the Tatmadaw.
Fighting broke out 37 times between 6 and 19 October. Tatmadaw troops maintained footholds on Point 858, Point 1286 and Point 1309 in the Lwekhula Mountains.
Meanwhile, SSA troops attacked a Tatmadaw camp in Wainkong village on 16 and 18 October but withdrew when members of Tatmadaw and their families defended the camp.
Seven SSA troops were killed, with the Tatmadaw suffering an unspecified number of causalities.
Tatmadaw columns are continuing to patrol the area.—Myawady

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