Shan State Kokant Democratic Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

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Shan State Kokant Democratic Party General Secretary U Myint Khine (aka) Suh Kyar Khine presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

Party’s Policies
1. To lead to the eternal existence of the Union.
2. To lead to all ethnic groups and all citizens residing together with respect and unity.
3. To be three sovereignties in the hands of all ethnic races and the entire people who are the real owner of the sovereignty.
4. To organize Multiparty Democracy General Election based on the people and to build a Federal Democratic Union.
5. To bring equality, justice, freedom and democracy and human rights for all ethnic groups and the entire people.
6. To work with the attitudes of “For The People”, “From The People” and “To The People”.
7. No one or no organization is above the laws. All are equal before the law. All people are to be taken care of by the legislation, and all people must respect the rule of laws.
8. All citizens must have freedom of faith and religion, with no discrimination between one another based on races, religions and colours; To establish gender equality and monogamy.
9. With the motto “all farmers must own farmlands”, if we can remove the system that monopolizes farmlands to which Myanmar citizens belong, we can resolve their problems and pains as they have to work abroad after losing their farmlands.
10. To exercise “Self-Administration Right” and “Self-Determination Right” in Self-Administered Zones and Self-Administered Divisions under the 2008 Constitution.
11. To maintain mutual friendly relations with world nations, especially neighbouring and ASEAN countries.
12. To eradicate the menace of all forms of narcotics.

Party’s Work Programmes
1. Our party, taking assistance from Union Government, world governments, INGOs and NGOs, shall make efforts “To Prevent Damage to the Beautiful World” as a national duty for “Environmental Conservation Processes”.
2. Our party, as possible as we can, is preserving historical artefacts, buildings, pagodas, monasteries, wildlife, and forests in the Union. We shall renovate “the monument” standing still on “Upper Tar Shwe Tan Market” that was specially built to commemorate nearly 200 ethnic Kokant fallen soldiers during World War II. They combatted the fascists from Kokant region, which is part of the Union.
3. We aim at developing the entire nation, including Kokant region. In this regard, our party, after taking permission from the Union Government, is doing our best in line with the laws to establish the businesses from “One Belt One Road” Project implemented by the People’s Republic of China for the positive benefits of the entire Union and both nations.
May the Union be peaceful and developed faster. We conclude wishing all citizens mental and physical wellbeing.

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