Shan United Goalie Thiha Sithu to take player-cum-manager position

Shan United Captain and Goalkeeper Thiha Sithu. Photo: Thiha Sithu Facebook Page

By Lynn Thit (Tgi)

Shan United Football Club Captain and Goalkeeper Thiha Sithu will take the team manager position accompanied by his goalkeeping duty, according to the football club statement.
Thiha Sithu has said his feeling about taking one more role for his team.
“I have three reasons for taking the manager position. The first one is that I accepted the job as I respect the club president, owners and club authorities who confidently offered me. I’m delighted to accept the job.
Secondly, I have my juniors in the team whom I want to give precedence. There are four keepers on the team. Excluding me, there are 3 – Myo Min Latt, Thitsar and the youngest one Aung Myint Myat. I believe them. I rely on them. I want to help them as much as I can. I do believe that this is the time they should be given priority over me. If the team needs me, I’ll play, but they’ve
already grown into the dependable situation.
Finally, it’s my desire. Now, I already turned 33. I’ve made up my mind to make a change starting at the age of 35. I ponder what I will do. As I’ve spent my whole life playing as a goalkeeper, I just want to share my goalkeeping knowledge. Currently, I’m just like a student for a coaching career, and I still need to learn a lot. I guess I can become something in 5 years from now only when I take to new challenge right now. So, I switched to this new life,” Thiha Sithu said.

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