Shan’s pineapples selling at a loss in Ruili

pineapple 7 72Pineapples produced in Shan State are sent to Shweli (Ruili) in Yunnan Province, China, through Muse border gate at a loss on cost price.
Pineapples fetched a good price during the harvest time, and so, growers hoped to get a high price during the closing season. But now, they are sold at a loss.
“A truck carrying 650 to 700 pineapples were previously offered over 3,000 yuan. Now, pineapples are being sold at a lower price. Unlike merchants from China, Myanmar’s growers are individually selling them at a price offered. They cannot earn truck fare and custom export duty,” said Daw Khin Saw Myint, a seller from Singin Town.
Last year, pineapple growers made losses. They were offered a good price during harvest time and forced to sell the stocks at a loss on cost price, as they couldnot return the fruits to town. A truck loaded with pineapples costs over Ks200,000. A single pineapple is sold for only Ks300, resulting in loss. There is no organization to regulate the pineapple market. Therefore, the price depends only on China’s purchase price, said U Zaw Hmine, a pineapple grower.
China purchases pineapples produced in Singin, Konethar and Hsipaw towns. Pineapples from Kyaukme are directly sent to Yangon. 100 Chinese yuan to Myanmar kyat is estimated above Ks20,000. Therefore, a truck carrying 700 pineapples is offered at 1,200 Yuan (over Ks240,000). China allows fruit import only through Wangtein gate. China’s ban on three wheelers of Myanmar merchants in China’s border area is also related to sales drop in pineapple market somehow. Pineapples are exported to China through Muse starting from early June. The pineapple growers this year are facing with a great loss due to fruit damage with the use of artificial ripen method and delay caused by transportation difficulties. —– Than Htike

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