Shape Kayah State to be developed one for ethnic nationals


The Kayah State is located on the eastern mountain range, teeming with natural beauties and plenty of underground and above ground natural resources. It is a pleasant state endowed with beauties of traditional culture. The favourable weather, friendliness, hospitalities and honesty of local ethnic nationals are attractive attributes of the state.
The Kayinni State was involved in the Union of Myanmar in accord with the 1947 Constitution in the past, and it was officially changed to the Kayah State based on the public desire as of 15 January 1952 according to the 1951 Constitutional Amendment Act. The day when the title of Kayah State was designated marked the “Kayah State Day”.
Now is the time for ethnic national people from the state to join hands with the government for ensuring peace, stability and development of the Kayah State by grasping sound foundations. Especially, they all need to restore the perpetual peace for posterities.
As the Diamond Jubilee Union Day will fall soon, now is time for all ethnic nationals to join hands with one another through thick and thin for sharing their same future and same fortune without discrimination of those from hilly and plain regions by overcoming all the challenges for serving interests of the State and the citizens.
Ethnic nationals from the Kayah State should participate in the process of building mutual respect, understanding and trust in unison with correct attitudes similar to that of all ethnic people national brethren. Those from the Kayah State must understand the rights and entitlement of citizens and the duties of safeguarding the independence and sovereignty of the nation.
Only when all public service personnel, all civil society organizations and the entire people together with the Tatmadaw participate in the tasks to build the Union based on democracy and federalism in accord with the desire of all ethnicities will the country successfully meet the goal in a short time.
The government needs to provide assistance for all ethnic national people residing in the Kayah State to utilize underground and above ground natural resources for their state as well as the country in order to enhance the socio-economic life of the people. So also, those from other regions and states should give a helping hand to the people from the Kayah State for improvement of their living standard with better livelihoods.

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