Shape the Chin State better in all aspects

The day of 20 February when the circle headman administration system was changed to the democratic administration system adopted by the Chin national conference took place in Falam was designated as the Chin National Day. According to the historical event, today, 20 February 2023, is the 75th Anniversary (Diamond Jubilee) of Chin National Day, a significant day for the entire Chin ethnics.
The leading role of Chin national leaders was very important in the emergence of Chin National Day. They have strived for improvement of the Chin State in all aspects as well as participated in the independence struggles in relevant eras without focusing on their self-interests.
Among many Chin national leaders from the pre-independence period to the post-independence period, some Chin national leaders recognized as idols for Chin nationals in history were Bo Con Bik and Bo Khai Kam who led the fighting against British colonialists, Chin national representatives U Hlur Hmong, U Thong Za Khup and U Kio Mang who signed the Panglong Agreement, Independence Mawgun award winner (First Class) Thadoe Maha Sithu U Vammathumong who demanded to give the independence for the hilly regions and the mainland at the same time and took a leading role in the independence struggles and Captain Thura, Aung San Thuriya Taik Chun awarded the highest gallantry title Aung San Thuriya and Thura title of the Tatmadaw for his bravely wonderful serving the State defence duties. They were honourable Chin national leaders.
Currently, the entire Chin nationals have to strive for the emergence of good leaders capable of uplifting the prestige of the Chin State and Chin ethnic people in the future while preserving fine traditions. They all need to enhance the socioeconomic life of ethnics in Chin State. Understanding the root cause of these instabilities, all the ethnic people are to notice acts of destructionists who commit the disintegration of the State and for preventing destructive acts.
The government prioritizes opening and upgrading basic education schools, maintaining education buildings and constructing new ones, appointing more teachers for the development of human resources in the Chin State, establishing hospitals and dispensaries for providing healthcare services to the people and assigning more medical doctors.
Participation of all ethnicities including varieties of Chin ethnics in equal terms is very important in building the Republic of the Union of Myanmar with various kinds of ethnic people to be a peaceful, stable, prosperous, modern and developed Union based on democracy and federalism.

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