Shape the future State through a comprehensive education system

As almost all basic education schools including monastic education schools and private schools in regions and states comprising Nay Pyi Taw Council Area have been opened for the 2023-24 academic year, more than 6.5 million students are peacefully pursuing education at relevant grades.
The Ministry of Education provides school textbooks, notebooks, stationery and school uniforms to the students at basic primary, middle and high school levels free of charge. As students do not need to cost for any measures of learning, parents should encourage their children to try hard in pursuing education to become educated persons in the future.
Currently, an emphasis is being placed on the development of the country and comprehensive improvement of the education sector in order to produce human resources in building a Union based on democracy and federalism. As such, all students, parents and teachers make tripartite efforts for turning out outstanding students in learning basic education and pave the best way for them to further study higher education to have qualified degrees.
The comprehensive education project is under implementation for turning out qualified educated persons reliable for the nation-building tasks. Such a project aims to raise the personal skills of students without focusing on just passing the examinations every year.
The comprehensive education plan is being initiated for the students to have critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, evaluation, analytical skills, collaboration, adaptability, social skills, emotional intelligence, justice, ethical behaviour and leadership skills. Only when students possess their skills will they be qualified in harmony with the comprehensive education plan.
The role of students, teachers and parents is of great importance in implementing the comprehensive education plan. In so doing, if they all strive for the creation of learning opportunities for all school-age children to complete the KG+9 education scheme at a minimum and ensure a better education system as a national duty. if so, they all will have the chance to enjoy the fruits of the plan.
The creation of a learning opportunity closes the doors of the jail. It means paving the best way for posterity to learn advanced and modern technologies and knowledge, useful for modernizing the country. As such, teachers at both basic and higher education levels have to enhance their capacity without losing modern knowledge and skills related to academic measures whereas students have to carefully grasp the learning opportunities created by the State under the encouragement of parents so as to turn out qualified human resources for the future State.

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