Shaping good governance and clean government through press freedom

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IN layman’s terms, good governance and clean government can be described as a state that promises the rule of law alongside freedom of expression.
In this age, information spreads by word of mouth as well as through social media. There is no doubt at all that any attempt to stop the flow of information will end in vain, bringing shame on whomever does so.
A moment’s glance is enough to realize how important press freedom is in monitoring every single step the government takes and every single decision the government makes so that the media can keep the public informed of any developments.
At a time when people have easy access to a wide variety of news media platforms, transparency is a crucial element in shaping good governance and clean government, simply because lack of transparency encourages corruption and favouritism in government. Some studies point out that a high rate of corruption and bribery results from a low level of press freedom.
In this respect, the media, as a fourth pillar, is responsible for bringing unbiased information to people by monitoring, investigating and criticizing the actions of the executive, legislative and judicial bodies in a constructive way. All things considered, freedom of the press, when practised correctly, is an ally of open government.

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