Short-term fish breeding to be conducted to fulfill local consumption needs

THT 0433 Fish are caught to be bred at a farm in Yangon. Photo Thet Oo Thaton copy
Fishes are caught to be bred at a farm in Yangon. Photo : Thet Oo (Thaton)

The Myanmar Fisheries Federation will arrange for short-term breeding of fish in order to fulfill the local consumption needs, as well as to export some of the fish, said an officer from the federation.
The federation is planning to breed catfish, striped snakehead, climbing perch and eel for the sustainable development of the fisheries enterprises.
“These fish which are bred in Myanmar can fetch a high price. Previously, most of the local people were breeding catfish. But now we can find only a few catfish in local markets. The catfish and climbing perch can be bred in only in four months. Eel have to be bred in eight months for export. After breeding these fish, we can fulfill the local consumption needs first, then, we can export them”, said Dr. Toe Nandar Tin , the vice chairperson of the Myanmar Fisheries Federation.
“Initially, the breeding of the fish will be conducted only in the Yangon region. Only when the breeding in Yangon is deemed successful will we share the fish breeding technology with other states and regions”.
“We need to obtain quality feed for the fish and provide technical assistance for the local fish breeders to be able to develop the fishing enterprises, said Dr. Toe Nandar Tin, the vice chairperson of the Myanmar Fisheries Federation.
The Myanmar Fisheries Federation will import fingerlings from Viet Nam.
Moreover, the Myanmar Fisheries Federation and Viet Nam have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide technical assistance for breeding the four types of fish. Myanmar exported 568,970.89 metric tons of aquatic products in fiscal year 2015-2016 and earned US$502.63 million. In fiscal 2016-2017, Myanmar exported 438706.505 metric tons and earned US$605.819 million.


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