Shwedagon Pagoda to undergo gold foil facelift on south side

Golf foil facelift are seen at the Shwedagon Pagoda.
Golf foil facelift are seen at the Shwedagon Pagoda.

MEASURES are being taken to urgently put new gold foil into places where gold leaves that were installed about a year ago have begun to peel on Shwedagon Pagoda, said a member of the board of trustees of the pagoda.
The previous gold foil was thought to have fallen off due to a sealing failure while coating the surface of the pagoda with resin before the gold foil gilding said U Tun Aung Ngwe, chief of staff of the board, adding that the incident may be due to birds which struck at the gold foil with their beaks.
According to sources the incident is unfolding to the south side of the pagoda where a team called Shwe Ngagyin won a K26 million contract to put gold foil on the structure last year.
The gilding of Shwedagon Pagoda, that gets new layers of gold leaf every five years, was assigned to four teams for the 2014-2015 fiscal year through a bidding system.
Under the terms and conditions of the contract, Shwe Ngagyin team shall take responsibility for the failure of the installation as the gold foil comes under a five-year warranty offered by the team.
According to the board
of trustees of the pagoda, gold foil began falling off last month.
U Than Win, leader of the Shwe Ngagyin gilding team, said that it is difficult to apply resin to the surface of the structure as the excessive heat during this time of year can melt resin away, adding that a request was made to start the work this October or November.
Despite the team’s request, gilding works are set to start as soon as possible following negotiations between the two sides, said the board of trustees.
A similar incident occurred in 2010 due to natural disaster, said the team leader.



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