Shwesayan Pagoda festival brings Shan pilgrims to Patheingyi Township

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The ancient religious edifice of Shwesayan Pagoda in Patheingyi Township, Mandalay Region, began hosting its Buddha Pujaniya festival on Thursday for Taboung Fullmoon Day.
The pagoda was commissioned by Saw Mon Hla, a member of the Shan ethnic group who was queen to Myanmar’s first emperor King Anawrahta during the Bagan era. The monument is therefore significant to the Shan people, many of whom travel from Shan State for the festival.
Various kinds of textiles, household goods, traditional medicines, traditional costumes, colourful beads, necklace and various toys made of toddy leaves and traditional foods are available at the festival, which runs until 12 March.
According to the programmes of the pagoda’s board of trustees, officials will donate rice and alms to 108 members of the Sangha early on 13 March.
Tin Maung (Mandalay)

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