Shwesettaw Manchaung elephant camp to welcome tourists in post-COVID

Shwesettaw Manchaung Elephant Camp, located in the Padaung-Pyawbwe Kyo Pyin protected public Forest in Minbu (Sagu) Township, was opened on 9 February 2019. The camp is 700-acre-wide and under the Myanma Timber Enterprise’s Minbu District timber extraction area.
Shwesettaw Manchaung Elephant Camp was opened to develop tourism based on elephant conservation, to create jobs opportunities for staff and local people, to develop community-based tourism and ecotourism, as well as to generate revenue for the State through green business.
As the elephant camp is only 2 miles far from Shwesettaw Pagoda, pilgrims are attracted to ride the elephants from the camp by enjoying the natural beauties along the Mann creek. There are 11 elephants in the camp and the ride costs 10,000 kyats each for foreigners and K5,000 each for locals. During the Shwesettaw Pagoda Festival held from the month of Tabodwe for three months, pilgrims from across the country also visited the elephant camp.

Since the elephant camp also provides the guests with bungalows, Manchaung Elephant Camp will become a tourist destination in the post-COVID-19 period for those who want to take a bath in the cool and clean water of the Mann creek, and those who enjoy the magnificent natural landscapes. — Zeya Htet (Minbu)/GNLM

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