Silence the guns and end the war

gun[dropcap color=”#0717b4″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” sradius=”0″]T[/dropcap]he Republic of the Union of Myanmar has been marching towards the democratic state since 2011. The democratic government has been striving hard for economic reform and political reform in line with the aspiration of the entire people for democracy. Myanmar is home to 135 different national races or diverse ethnic groups. We all have been residing in Myanmar from time immemorial.
Historically, it was in 1886, Myanmar was colonized by British colonialists and it became a British colony in the South East Asia. Then, the British colonialists had sown the seeds of hatred among the national races. Due to dire legacy of the British colonialists’ Divide and Rule Policy, there had been unsolved problems, suspicions and misunderstanding among our national brethren for sixty years. During that space of time in Myanmar, gun exchanges were prevalent among us in different states and divisions sporadically and regularly. The ethnic peoples were in chaotic conditions and in disarray losing peace, livelihood and settlement. They became the internally displaced people due to long term gun-fighting or armed conflict in states and divisions in Myanmar. The solution for permanent ceasefire had been a dream like “Building castles in the air”. The unsolved problems, suspicions and misunderstanding triggered tensions, clashes, conflicts, discriminations and armed struggle. Both Myanmar armed forces and the ethnic armed groups did not win, nor did they lose. However, the country, Myanmar lost many lives of national brethren and encountered the hindrance to socio-economic development in states and divisions. Horrendously, the evil of civil war caused the damage of infrastructure, the loss of homes and loss of all national brethren lives nationwide. All the Myanmar people were insecure to travel across Myanmar due to gun fighting between government troops and the ethnic armed groups. The local people in the conflict zone were in despair in their daily life. We were deeply concerned that the conflict might disintegrate the union and transform into severe civil-war-torn country. Therefore the entire people of Myanmar and the governments were so anxious to end the armed conflict existing in Myanmar. We need to protect our country from being disintegrated. We do not want to see or hear the disintegration of the Union of Myanmar. All the national brethren wish to enjoy everlasting peace and maintain unity in Myanmar. We all have to get on well with each other. Unless sincerity, mutual trust, transparency and integrity prevail among national brethren in our country, we will lose peace and sovereignty certainly. It is our bounden duty to protect our country Myanmar’s territory from any alien intrusions or meddlesome activities indeed. Whenever argument, dispute, disagreement, problem and misunderstanding arise, we should discuss or negotiate or solve the specific matters or problems sincerely and magnanimously. Whatever critical or serious matter arises, we ought to avoid lopsided views on them so that the clear or useful solutions could be found.
Before regaining our own independence from the British, the union spirit and unity were laid down by General Aung San, our national hero and leaders of diverse ethnic groups on 12 February 1947. It was known as Panglong Agreement. We honor 12 February as a politically significant day and call it Union day. The Union day is to mark the solidarity of the national brethren in Myanmar. Obviously, the historic agreement was made by wise, thoughtful, selfless and patriotic leaders of Myanmar before regaining our own independence from the British colonialists. It was the significantly historic event led or organized by General Aung San, our national hero. Therefore, we all should regard union spirit and unity among our national brethren based on mutual trust and love. In 1948, we regained our own independence from the British. Afterwards, some ethnic armed groups were formed due to estrangement between the government and some ethnic groups. As a result, the armed conflict between the government and some ethnic armed groups began in some states and divisions in Myanmar. Some neo-colonialist countries refueled the conflict and supported the ethnic armed groups with arms, military training and finance secretly. Nevertheless, the successive governments have attempted to make ceasefire with respective ethnic armed groups, but they were unsuccessful.[quote font=”helvetica” font_size=”18″ bgcolor=”#dedee2″ color=”#030000″ bcolor=”#0528f9″ arrow=”yes”]We do not want to hear or encounter any serious conflicts and civil war in our country.[/quote]
Anyway, the present government has always made concerted efforts to sign the pact for permanent truce with the ethnic armed groups. The government held talks for seeking means and ways to end the armed conflict between Myanmar government troops and the ethnic armed groups. Thus the positive outcome or good result has been made by both sides.
We, all the citizens of Myanmar happily and wholeheartedly welcome the auspicious news, which states that the government and some ethnic armed groups would sign the nationwide ceasefire agreement (NCA) on the 15th of October 2015, today. The beam of the dawn appears in the sky of Myanmar now. We rejoice that peace process has already reached the successful way indeed. From now on, this agreement will ensure the peace among the national brethren nationwide. Consequently, sustainable socio-economic development will be able to share states and divisions equally. People can safely make their living and education service and healthcare service can be promoted efficiently in their areas. In addition, traveling by road and by rail road will be more secure and smoother nationwide as the armed conflict is ended. Gun fires will be silent and pleasant traditional songs and music in various areas can be heard tunefully. The harmony and peace will undoubtedly be prevalent in our country. Misery and evil of civil war will come to an end and nightmare of estrangement will also be wiped out forever. The true sincerity and goodwill of the all leaders of national brethren and present government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar must be praised respectfully.
As all the national brethren have been given rights in accord with the constitution of 2008, they can manage for the all-round development of the respective states and divisions with the support of Union Government. Guns should be used only for security and safeguarding the property and lives of the people in Myanmar indeed. The internal affairs must be solved through the table talk rather than the use of exchanging gun fires. In the past, the sounds of gunfire were sporadically heard and the huge destructions were made in the conflict zones. Now the situations have totally changed with lively and pleasant atmosphere among the ethnic peoples in their areas across the country. All the conflict zones are back to normalcy and the ethnic people can earn the stable livelihood. We do not want to hear or encounter any serious conflicts and civil war in our country. It is time to maintain union solidarity and march together towards durable democracy!!!

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