SIM cards to be revoked by 30 June unless systematically registered


By Nyein Nyein

The Posts and Telecommunications Department (PTD) has announced that the systematically unregistered SIM cards will be revoked by 30 June, it is learnt.
If the SIM cards are revoked, the outstanding balance from those SIM cards will be transferred to the government’s account.
To use the bonus given by the operation continuously and not to lose the balance from your phone, Telenor Myanmar urged people to re-register their phones not later than 30 June. According to PTD, every SIM cards must be registered with a national identity card for Myanmar citizens and passport for foreigners. The individual SIM card users can hold only two SIM cards for each operator. All Myanmar mobile operators must follow the same instructions. The operators are prohibited from allowing the customers to use the SIM cards without approving their national identities or allowing them to use more than two SIM cards with one national identity card.
The SIM cards which do not follow the instructions adopted by the PTD will be reprieved by 30 June 2020. The SIM card users whose SIMs are revoked by the operator will not get any compensation. Moreover, the SIM card users are not allowed to re-register again by 30 June. Upon completion of the re-registration, the SIM card users can use other services such as social media account, online payments, direct carrier billing services and extra service (VAS) which are connected with their mobile phone numbers. The SIM cards can be re-registered through online channel free of charge. Moreover, the Telenor SIM card users can register their SIM cards near Telenor stores and Telenor retail shops by bringing their national identity cards, according to Telenor Myanmar. (Translated by Hay Mar)

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