Singapore-Myanmar health project targets 30,000 trauma patients in Yangon

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Specialist team of Singapore International Volunteers, seen together with Myanmar healthcare professionals. Photo: Supplied

THE three-year Comprehensive Trauma Rehabilitation Care Project was officially launched on 31 August, targeting 30,000 patients in Yangon within three years.
To improve the overall quality of trauma rehabilitation care in Myanmar, this is the first time cooperation among three partners—Yangon General Hospital (YGH), Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and Singapore Health Services (SingHealth).
The collaboration is in response to heavy demand for trauma care from traffic accidents, falls, and work-related injuries, which make up a sizeable portion of hospital admissions in the country.
The three-year project will adopt a train-the-trainer methodology to address the care system, process issues and knowledge in trauma rehabilitation care. Training goals are to establish a core of well-trained personnel across disciplines for trauma rehabilitation and to develop trauma rehabilitation protocols and service integration. The programme will include clinical training-of-trainers, management workshops, a study visit to Singapore and professional sharing through two symposiums held in Yangon.
Under the project, a specialist team of Singapore International Volunteers will work closely with Myanmar healthcare professionals from the YGH and other participating hospitals to develop a skills-upgrading programme as well as a comprehensive system for trauma rehabilitation care. The team will train up to 180 healthcare professionals in Myanmar. Professor Dr Khin Myo Hla, Head of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Yangon General Hospital, said, “We are delighted to partner with SIF and SingHealth in advancing the quality of trauma care in Myanmar. We know that trauma injuries can be highly debilitating and even potentially fatal. We look forward to fresh perspectives and learnings our medical team can share with our Singaporean counterparts. We also look forward to building stronger professional and personal ties with the Singaporean team over the course of the next three years.” The SIF’s Executive Director Jean Tan said, “Acute trauma patients are an underserved population and we’re privileged to work alongside our Myanmar friends to improve the delivery of comprehensive trauma rehabilitation to benefit 30,000 patients in Yangon.”

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