Sino-Myanmar border trade surges by 60% in last 4 months

The border trade value between Myanmar and China hit a high of over US$1.38 billion as of 4 August in the current financial year 2023-2024 beginning 1 April, which is an increase of 59.63 per cent ($517.059 million) compared to the similar period last FY, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics indicated.
The Sino-Myanmar border trade was registered at $866.99 million in the year-ago period.
Myanmar links with the neighbouring country China via Muse, Lweje, Chinshwehaw, Kampaiti and Kengtung for cross-border trade. Muse border saw a majority of the trade worth $884.997 million over the past four months. Meanwhile, the trade value stood at $413.7 million via Chinshwehaw, $54.537 million via Kampaiti, $27.89 million via Lweje and $2.9 million via Kengtung respectively.
Myanmar conducted border trade worth $14.195 million through Muse 105th-mile trade zone with China during a week from 29 July to 4 August, which was down by $3.239 million from the previous week.
Exports of corn, rubber, green gram, butter bean, turmeric, cashew nut, shrimp and fish powder rose that week and exports of rice, broken rice, kidney bean, black-eyed pea, peanut, black sesame, onion, Hydrophilia Phlomoides Nees, castor seed, cotton, eel, crab and various fish fell from the previous week.
Vehicles and auto parts, telephone and communication devices, TV, aircon, wire, chemical, paint and polish were increasingly brought into the country that week, while imports of tractors, computers, equipment, construction materials, petroleum products, fertilizer, tyres and tube, motorcycle parts, dry battery, electronic device, light bulb, seasoning powder, raw materials by CMP enterprises and kitchenware dropped.
Meanwhile, the cross-border trade value of Myanmar’s Chinshwehaw border with the neighbouring country China was estimated at $123.853 million in July, with imports ($85.859 million) surpassing exports ($37.994 million). That was an increase of $14.243 million recorded in June.
Myanmar conveyed broken rice, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, rice beans, peanuts, butter beans and lentils, black sesame, fresh ginger, raw rubber, dried konjac, onion, pepper, ethyl alcohol 96 per cent, charcoal pulp paper manufactured under CMP enterprises to China. Imports in capital goods, intermediate goods and consumer goods groups also grew last month.
Sino-Myanmar trade is steadily moving presently, with approximately 200 trucks flowing in and out of the Muse trade zone. — TWA/KK

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