Sithu Aung’s goal secures win for Yadanabon vs GFA

Yadanabon win the match against

In one of the MPT Myanmar National League Week-7 matches, Yadanabon FC played against GFA FC yesterday at MandalarThiri Football Stadium in Mandalay yesterday.
The win was mostly dependent on the single goal scored by Si Thu Aung, making another win after two consecutive losses for Yadanabon.
Yadanabon lined up with keeper Chan NyeinKyaw, Ye YintAung, Captain Ye KoOo, Shine Thuya, football star Si Thu Aung, ThetNaing, Hlaing Bo Bo, AungWunnaSoe, Hein Nay San, MyatKaungKhant and Nay MyoAung.
Zwekapin United FC lined up with Keeper NaingZayarTun, PhyoMaungMaungSwe, ThetLwin Win, MaungMaungWi, BunzePoulo Cesar, Puyone Cho, Zin Min Tun, Anderson Son Ebimo West, Matsumoto Ken, NyiNyiTunand ThanHtetAung.
Yadanabon made in with both speedy and skillful play starting from the kickoff, although, Yadanabon could not convert every opportunities to goals as Zwekapin defenders were very adamant in blocking throughout the match.
The single goal of the match, and the winning goal forYadanabon, was scored by star player Si Thu Aung at the 37 minute mark over the support of young and active player Shine Thuya.
There were no other goals for both teams, with to and fro play across the second half.
The win was sure for Yadanabon with its stable play till the final whistle.


KyawZin Lin

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