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Different countries have different situations concerning the worldwide pathogen outbreak and spread. Governments have been containing viral infections in their respective countries with many and varied but similar preventative measures systematically according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).
International news stories are telling us that the coronavirus pandemic has not stopped yet. The second wave can appear at any time in the coming days and months. Even some countries start suffering from it. They have to spare no effort once again in combatting the second blow of the pandemic upon the world countries.
Some countries even have to roll back the relaxation of a set of restrictions — stay-at-home, no crowded gathering, and frequent handwashing etc. Reopening of schools has to be closed again in some countries. A few countries can resume their commercial flights except for entries from selected countries.
In Myanmar, we have a total of 313 reported cases to date. Most of them are imported ones rather than home-grown transmissions. Our country has to fight against the COVID with the Union Government taking the leading role. The Ministry of Health and Sports and relevant ministries are practically preventing, controlling and treating the COVID-related patients. Here, we do want to quote the State Counsellor writing on her Facebook page the other day: “Let’s come up with determined efforts to win the war against COVID, once and for all with the participation of everyone.” Once again, we do want to urge all Myanmar people to very strictly follow health protocols such as frequent handwashing, keeping themselves off from crowded gatherings, physical or social distancing, and wearing of facemasks etc.  Let’s be aware of the second wave and prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

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