Social groups donate food to flood victims in Bago

Flood victims in low-lying areas of Bago are in hardship after inundation for more than a week — Thant Zin Win

Social organizations have donated food to victims of the recent flood disaster in Bago as many locals are still unable to return to their houses.

A total of 2,276 flood victims from 730 households in Wards No. 13 and 14 of Bago have found shelter at Shwenathar monastery in Bago, where they have to remain until the floods in Bago’s low-lying areas have  receded.

Kyuntharyar ward is also still inundated, with locals using boats to get from their houses to the main road. The low-lying areas in Bago town on average get flooded heavily at least twice per rainy season, locals said. The floods usually last around 4 to 5 days, with locals relying on the local monasteries and temples for food and shelter as the roads are under 4-foot deep water, subsiding only slowly.

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