Solve weakness in sanitation of the city with public participation


All parts of rural and urban areas require municipal performances of which supply of water and sanitation are of importance for dwellers on a daily basis.
The task of sanitation plays a key role in keeping the town and village neat and tidy. If so, local people can stay away from the outbreak of communicable diseases and daily life problems.
In Yangon City’s municipal area, city dwellers are facing poor services of sanitation. The Yangon City Development Committee allots garbage bins in all townships of the municipal area, but most of the bins are damaged with a lack of lids and wheels and with rat-bite holes. So, solutions of garbage drain out from the bins on the ground with bad smell harming the health of nearby local people.

Therefore, sanitation workers and city dwellers should conscientiously join hands in keeping the city neat and tidy.

Officials need to check the work process of sanitation workers who collect garbage from each bin. Before collecting the garbage, some workers search for some objects in bins that can be sold to the old and faded object buyers. Moreover, garbage vans cannot collect waste from the bins on a daily basis. Consequently, a bad smell from the bins spread out. These are daily realities in the sanitation sector of the city.
On the other hand, the sanitation unit from the city faces shortages of labours because most of the people do not wish to do such works due to bad smell and dirtiness. Similarly, garbage vans are not adequate for use. Generally, sanitation of the city needs the fulfilment of many human resources and materials to operate the regular work process smoothly. Just systematic littering of the people amounts to help the sanitation workers.
As Myanmar is a developing country, all sectors of the development tasks face requirements. The authorities spend the allotted budgets on providing assistance to all sectors as much as they can, but sector-wise requirements can be seen till today.
In this regard, public participation plays a crucial role in city-building tasks. The city needs generous contributors and well-wishers for operating the development tasks. The city dwellers abiding by disciplines can shape the city better with concerted efforts.
Therefore, sanitation workers and city dwellers should conscientiously join hands in keeping the city neat and tidy.

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