Solving Differences in a Peaceful Way!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, State Counsellor, has asserted that it is necessary to believe that differences of vision in political, religious and ethnic affairs can be solved in a peaceful way, at the meeting of Union Peace Dialogues Joint Committee, held on 6th February 2017 in Nay Pyi Taw.
    Difference of opinions may exist within organizations, as well as among individuals. If people cannot march towards a certain goal hand in hand with each other on the pretext of having different views and visions, that institution or organization cannot survive for long.
    Sometimes, it may be difficult to unite people with different points of view. However if there is a willingness to listen to the other person with an open mind, there is a possibility that you will understand the other person’s point of view although you may not agree with that person. The important thing is to identify what are the common interests and the shared goals.
    The State Counsellor has provided ample proof of her sincerity and genuine desire for peace. She stated very clearly that the work being done at the NRPC – National Reconciliation and Peace Centre, was not for the benefit of the NLD, nor for the Union Government but only for the emergence of the Union.
    Peace is of great importance for the benefit of the Union and its nationals. Many national leaders have been exerting their concerted efforts to achieve internal peace in Myanmar as quickly as possible. However, peace has been elusive though successive governments have tried their best each in their own way, depending on the times and circumstances.
    At the present time when the genuine government of the people is in power, the government is striving hard to achieve peace in a peaceful way. At such a time, we are seeing those who are not desirous of peace, conspiring and engaging in subversive activities. Hence, we are required to cooperate in unity, for the peace process not to be ruined.
    In fact, the whole nation hopes for peace, as do different organizations. Yet, it must be said that the reason that we are still far from peace may be attributed to our inability to solve problems in a peaceful way. Unless we are able to work sincerely and honestly for the common goals and shared beliefs, we will not be able to reach our goal of building a modern democratic federal republic where peace and justice will prevail.
    Peace cannot be achieved through the use of arms or violent methods, peace can only be solved by using peaceful means. In trying to bring about national reconciliation, we not only need to find solutions in consultation with armed groups but also with different groups in the whole country. So let us set aside our petty differences and try to forget about the interest of any political party or any particular national race and forge ahead for a strong, durable and peaceful Union.
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